Specialized in the front runners of esthetic technology, innovative layering techniques and pure potent CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade) essential oils. All extensively researched and proven to promote smooth, resilient, glowing skin. Reduce signs of visible aging and build confidence with firmer, stronger, clearer skin. Achieve a clear, healthy complexion by addressing problem and aging skin issues at their core—naturally and effectively.
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February Special
Triumphant Age-Defying Signature Facial $150 (normally $219) 6-Week Take Your Youthful Appearance and Confidence Back $840 (normally $1,194) Plus FREE Cleanser and Moisturizer! No two specials can be combined. :)
Skin, Health Assessment
This session is for what you would like to accomplish with your skin's appearance and to get to know more about you to determine what we offer that's the best choice for you.
Wellness Facial
Relax with some well deserved self care. Cleansing, exfoliation, pore cleaning extractions, moisture and nourishment for your skin. Certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils calm and ease feelings of tension, while grounding and balancing your emotions.
Fearless Handsome Man Facial
Makes your face look good. Helps reduce the appearance of imperfections for soft, smooth skin. Essential oils and relaxing human touch for emotional strength and stability present in the here and now for a powerful presence.
Teen Self Esteem Facial
Gentle cleansing, exfoliation and pore cleaning extractions help reduce breakouts and clear complexion. Inhaling the positive comforting aromas and exhaling negative stress and worry helps build confidence, courage and belief in yourself.
Resurfacing Microdermabrasion Facial
Restore a healthy more youthful appearance to your skin. Diamond tip polishes surface to improve skin's texture, reduce appearance of pores, fine lines and removes dull, dry buildup for smooth glowing skin.
Uplifting Microcurrent Facial
Firms skin, lifts and contours facial muscles for natural youthfullness to your cheeks and definition to your jawline, while renewing the vitality to your face.
Clear Breakouts Blue LED Light Facial
The natural solution for problem skin of all ages. Blue LED Light facial kills p.acnes bacterium to shrink and clear breakouts fast for a clear smooth complexion. Provides troubled skin with nourishment and moisture it needs.
Oxygen Infusion Moisture Facial
A gentle and thorough cleansing and ultrasonic exfoliation with enzymes removes dead cells and residue followed by a moisture infusion masque and 98% pure oxygen infusion with a supercharged antioxidant serum plumps your skin to restore moisture resulting in renewed healthy glow.
Power Peel Facial
The ultimate resurfacing treatment to transform your skin. A combines a light lactic peel, diamond tip microdermabrasion, pure oxygen, and a targeted infusion masque. Eliminates dead skin cells and impurities for ultra smooth, supple, bright, clean skin.
Smoothed & Renewed Facial
Microdermabrasion removes dead cells, impurities and environmental build-up to erase a dull, dry lackluster appearance and revealing healthy skin. Targeted Red/Blue LED Light Therapy repairs skin at a cellular level, accelerates production of collagen and elastin giving you firmer skin and improved elasticity; reduces blemishes, shrinks pores, refines skin's texture literally taking years off your face.
Firm Lift & Tighten Facial
Natural beauty boosted by advanced technology. A powerful combination of microcurrent and LED Light reenergizes skin cells, tightens, tones, and lifts facials muscles and easing expression lines. An effective non-invasive treatment for and instant lift. Skin becomes more resilient, radiant, and youthful with every session. For maximum benefit, a skin and age appropriate series is recommended. add oxygen at time of service +$25
Triumphant Age Defying Facial
Our signature non-invasive innovative layering technique of microdermabrasion, microcurrent, LED Light and pure oxygen refines, lifts, and tones your skin. The immediate results are smooth, firm, youthful glowing skin. Each session increases collagen and elastin for immediate and cumulative benefits. Maximize results with a series. You will see a dramatic improvement of fine lines and wrinkles. Your pores will be smaller, your skin will feel refined with a smooth, firm, supple feel, completely changing the way you feel about your skin.
Wellness Lifestyle Overview
Together we identify your top health priorities, find your natural solutions, then organize them to create your daily wellness plan to care for the whole you and enhance your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

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