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Barmaid Soap Company teaches soapmaking and other bath and body projects. They also create and sell made from scratch beer soaps, exotic sea salt soaps, citronella patio incense, facial care products, luxurious lotions and more!

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Private Basic Soapmaking Class
In this class, you will learn the basics of making cold process soap by doing it! You will make a 1.5 lb. batch of fragranced soap to take home with you! All supplies to make your soap are included in the cost of the class. Use my tools and supplies to save on costs while you learn. Many fragrances, including essential oils will be supplied so you can plan out your perfect fragrance combination. Handouts, including the recipe used in class, and instructions on how to make soap by yourself when you get home are also included. You will also receive curing instructions for the soap you made and directions on cutting it as well! We will spend some time at the end of the class going over questions. I will also talk about recommended websites and books! Sometimes the class runs over a few minutes. Your Private Lesson will be held at Needle, Ink and Thread! Private lessons are on Monday evenings.
Private Advanced Soapmaking Class
Have experience making soap, but are ready to take it to another level? Sign up for my advanced class! You will spend 1.5 hours advancing your techniques! Learn when and how to color and swirl, as well as add additives, like exfoliants or nutritious extracts! All supplies and packaging are included. You will be able to create what you want in this class! We will also spend some time going over the basics of creating your own recipe at the beginning of class. Don't worry! It is fairly easy math! Keep in mind that the advanced class may run over depending on what you choose to do with your batch!! You will get to take the finished product home to cure and cut! Bring your favorite apron if you have one!! Private Lessons are held at Needle, Ink and Thread in Beavercreek. You must already have experience making soap to take the advanced class. I will not be teaching you how to make soap. Interested in a basic 1 class? We offer that in our services too!
Private Basic Lotionmaking Class
Learn how to make a basic lotion in this 1.5 hour 1 on 1, hands-on class! You will also learn about the different oils, waxes, extracts and fragrances you can use in lotions! Walk out with the product you made! All supplies and packaging are included in the cost! All you need to bring is your favorite apron if you have one!! If you would like to bring another person, please contact me. This purchase is only for one spot. I will take up to two people in a private lesson. Private lessons are on Mondays at Needle, Ink and Thread in Beavercreek! Be sure to look over our cancellation policies!!
Private Bath Bomb and Balms Class
In this 1.5 hour class, you will learn the secrets behind making the best bath bombs and body balms! Then you will make both with my instruction! Learn about extracts, butters, oils and waxes used in balms, as well as secrets to tweak and personalize recipes. Learn about the dry ingredients used in bath bombs, and how to avoid many dreaded issues that can arise while making them, and afterwards too! All supplies and packaging are included! Private lessons are held on Monday evenings at Needle, Ink and Thread in Beavercreek Oh. If you would like to have someone join you at the private lesson, please contact me. I will accept up to 2 students for a private lesson. The spot you are purchasing is only for 1 person.

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