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Our Services

Initial Exam, Treatment + Pre-Script Membership
Movement based problems require movement based solutions. This initial visit and treatment will not only set the roadmap for you path to recovery, it will also give you 24/7 support in reaching your goals. Pre-Script is customizable corrective exercise plan which well help us remotely manage your condition with progressions of carefully selected corrective exercise. Each Pre-Script exercise comes equipped with its own instructional video to make sure proper execution and expedited results. For 50 $/month ( less than a price of a follow up visit) have your corrective exercises tailored and progressed based off your symptoms. True health care for the busy, working professional. Upon purchase your membership link will be sent to you and your Pre-Script Program will be sent out within 24 hours after your first appointment.
Initial Exam and Treatment
Initial Exams are comprised of a comprehensive history and evaluation of posture, range of motion and presenting symptoms. Once a diagnosis is establish a treatment will commence. Treatment modalities include soft tissue work, Instrumented assisted soft tissue mobilization, compression wrap, taping, spinal manipulation and corrective exercises. Corrective Exercise prescription will be provided to ensure continual progress.
Follow Up Treatment
A concise history will be taken to update the status of the condition, followed by a treatment.

Our Staff

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