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Dr Wick is a Doctor of Chiropractic specializing in applied kinesiology (AK). AK is a healing method that utilizes muscle testing to identify the root causes of patients’ diseases and dysfunctions and whether they originate from structural, nutritional, or emotional imbalances in the body.
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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Our Services

20 min treatment
A 20 min adjustment allows for structure only based appointments. This does not include emotional clearing, allergy testing etc..
30 min treatment
30 min adjustment allows time for the doctor to address structural issues along with other findings including allergy testing, supplement testing, emotional clearing etc.
40 min treatment
40 min treatment allows extra attention for the doctor to further explore your health needs - structural, chemical and emotion assessment.
Initial exam (NEW PATIENT)
Initial exam inclues a thorough health history, exam and treatment. Please bring copies of any recent blood work, x-rays, MRI's or any other diagnostic work. Also bring supplements and medications you are currently taking. Please arrive 15 min early to fill out paperwork.
60 min treatment (established patients)
cold laser add-on
Energy Quickening Work
Quickening is a system of transmuting shadow and bringing more light into the human energy field. This form of healing helps to change concepts and belief systems related to relationships, finances, sex, physical issues, pain, past life, chakras, and more. Patients have stated feeling lighter, happier, and able to manifest changes more quickly after a session. These sessions are prepared on an individual basis according to the patient's desires and healing avenues and require a pre-meeting.

Our Staff

Dr. Andrea Wick