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I.F.A. Certified, WBFF Pro Athlete and Personal Trainer with 16 Years Exp in Health, Wellness, Nutrition and Exercise. Stay Accountable, Set Goals, and Meet Them with Zeke!
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Our Services

New Client Consultation
45 Minutes to discuss new client goals, nutrition, take measurements, and set an action plan to meet goals. $45 consultation cost to be credited to personal training package.
Monthly Online Training - GOLD Basic
Email contact available throughout the week Texting availability Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST Monthly workout changes 2 phone calls per month (30-45 minutes each) available to discuss nutrition goals, make updates to the workouts and monitor progress
Monthly Online Training - PLATINUM SURREAL
All the benefits of the Gold Basic, PLUS 5 Day text availability *Extened Hours* 7am-7pm EST Weekly workout video access 1 phone call available weekly (30-45 minutes) to discuss weekly nutritional goals, make updates to the workouts and monitor weekly progress.
45 Minute Private Personal Training Session
30 Minute Private Personal Training Session
Group Training
Customized Meal Plan
Includes: 24 hr / 7 days a week trainer availability via e-mail, phone & text messages. Plus: Customized meal planning / diet specialization, mean altering/updating, information on restaurant eating, caloric intake guides, calorie charts for all food groups, Glycemic index, goal setting and education for client for a PT period of time and beyond.

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