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Specializing in stress, anxiety & depression. Known as ‘The Healer’s Healer’ I’m a trusted Alternative Health Professional, voted #1 by Dufferin County Reader’s Choice 2017 & 2018. I'm passionate about helping you find SOLUTIONS. ------------------------(Choose the service that suits you. The most popular choice is a 'Holistic Healing Session'.
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Our Services

Holistic Healing Session
When you need some healing but don't know what treatment to choose. This is for you! I'll follow the spiritual direction I receive for healing physical, mental & emotional issues. Your session can help you find deep relaxation, healing, clarity and direction. --Sessions might include - Reiki - Crystal Healing - Chakra Balancing - Energy Clearing - Guided Meditation - Shamanic Healing - Axiatonal Re-Alignment - Card Reading - or something we have both yet to discover.... Perfect for: Physical Healing, Soul Journey Guidance & Direction, Stress Reduction & Relaxation. (Includes tax)
Intensive Healing
A longer session is needed when dealing with complex emotional issues that require counsel, followed by energy re-balancing. Sessions might include - Counselling - Cord Cutting - Intuitive Guidance - Munay-Ki - Inner Child Work - Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing - Past Life Regression - Smudging - Shamanic Journeying - Aromatherapy - Crystal Grid - Forest Therapy - Entity Removal - Reiki - Crystal Healing - Chakra Balancing - Energy Clearing - Guided Meditation - Shamanic Healing - Axiatonal Re-Alignment - Womb Blessing or Card Reading. Perfect for: Emotional & Spiritual Healing, Complex issues. (Add HST)
Distance Healing
If you can't get to the Healing Centre, wherever you are in the world, healing energy will find you. I offer distance healing directly to you, in your own home. I connect in with you energetically and will send my findings via email. Occasionally I may need to call you during the session if I have questions. - Clear blockages in your energy field & life - Insight into what's in the way of being at peace - A new perspective on a situation - Clarity on your next step - Guidance and direction (Includes tax)
Healing Business Mentoring
Starting, Refocusing or Growing Your Business? Whatever stage you're at, we'll work together to get you where you want to be. - Goal setting & strategic planning - Pricing your services - Attracting clients - Keeping clients - Marketing & advertising - Using social media - Creating a website - Updating your website - Creating workshops & classes - Participating in events - Bookkeeping & taxes - Finding/keeping a balance - Learning to value self-worth - Time management -- Every session is unique to your needs. (Add HST)

Our Staff

Debra Jones
Debra Jones, known as "The Healers' Healer," is an award-winning Alternative Healing Professional. She is the Reiki Master featured in The Wellness Story documentary and wellness TV talk shows. Debra has cultivated a successful healing practice over the last 20 years while writing for health publications, teaching and mentoring healers. She is the author of the upcoming THE SUCCESSFUL HEALER - A Practical Guide for Holistic Health Practitioners.