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Our Services

Initial Signature Herbal/ Nutritional Consultation (Includes 30 minute treatment of choice)
This is our signature herbal and nutritional consultation. This appointment is a 90 minute session that includes a 60 minute consultation and a 30 minute treatment of your choice (reiki, flower essence therapy, aromatherapy, or meditation). We will go over your completed intake form, conduct a TCM assessment (tongue, eyes, hair, pulse, lymph), address your general health, answer any questions you may have, and create a customized protocol to support your health journey. Detox charts and nutritional program included if needed.
Recurring Client 30 Minute Reiki/Flower Essence Add on
Initial In-Office Herbal/Nutritional Consultation
This is our 60 minute herbal and nutritional consultation that includes a thorough look at your general health and nutrition from your completed intake form. We will conduct a TCM assessment (tongue, eyes, pulse, lymph, hair), address any health concerns that you have, and create a unique protocol to support your health and wellness journey. Nutritional charts and detox program included.
Initial Herbal/ Nutritional Phone Consultation
This is our same herbal and nutritional consultation except you will send in pictures of your tongue, eyes, and hair to dana@wildflowerclinic.com. We will address any health concerns you may have, thoroughly go over your completed intake form, and create a customized protocol to assist your health journey.
Client Follow Up Meeting
This is your follow up meeting you may book after completing an initial visit with the medical herbalist. Recommended every 2 weeks for at least 2 months until symptoms subside. Chronic health issues may require care for up to 12 months, depending on the severity of the issue.
Flower Essence Emotional Therapy
This service is a fantastic treatment for emotional blockage and clearing negative mental energy. Flower essences are an incredible tool to assist any health and wellness program. In this session, the practitioner will use up to 5 flower essences depending on the symptoms of the client from their completed intake form. The client will relax with aromatherapy and positive energy while experiencing the potent vibrational medicine of the flower energies.
Reiki Energy Treatment
This service is an incredible way to clear negative chakra energy and release blockage in the body. Reiki energy treatments use crystals, pendulums, sacred symbols, and human energy to remove stale, negative energy from the bodies 7 main chakra points. Relax on a comfortable bed as the master reiki practitioner gives you an introduction to reiki healing and begins clearing negative imbalances in the body. You will feel energized, restored, and vital. It is normal to feel emotional after each treatment, until the energy imbalance shifts to a balanced state.
Make Your Own Medicine Workshop
This hands-on workshop will consist of a brief introduction to herbal and plant medicine, an opportunity to choose 1 herb out of 85 herbs to create a potent medicinal tincture, and an opportunity to make a honey elixir. You will leave the class with a handout and two personalized medicine jars!
Shop Hours- Wildflower Clinic
Shop hours are bookable to come in and check out the Wildflower Clinic's product line at the Clinic outside of client Consultation hours.

Our Staff

Dana Hutchinson
Dana Hutchinson is a Certified Medical Herbalist, Certified Plant-Based Nutritionist, Certified Reiki Master, Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, Certified Living Foods Practitioner, Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialist, and a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200hr).