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Our Services

Peppermint Body Glow with Pomegranate Souffle - NEW Seasonal!
One hour service with Peppermint Body Glow followed by a luxurious anti-aging Pomegranate Body Souffle
Pumpkin Spice Body Scrub - NEW! Only available October - December
Embrace the change of the season with a complete body renewal. Our pumpkin spice scrub is warmed and applied on the entire body revealing fresh, glowing skin upon removal. Followed by an oil application to lock in moisture. This one hour treatment is anything but basic and will leave you feeling revived and pampered to take on the new season!
Cranberry Enzyme Anti-Aging Facial - NEW! Only available October - December
Smoother Skin Is Just An Hour Away Polish away dull surface cells and pore-clogging impurities with a nourishing combination of cranberry enzymes and lactic acid. This gentle exfoliating treatment leaves skin dramatically softer and plump with the help of hydration-boosting Gluconic Acid. Pure Enzymes also helps protect your skin from environmental stressors that can impair the skin’s radiance.
Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic Massage
This massage is similar to a Swedish massage in the respect that it is meant to be relaxing and renewing for the body. The purpose of a therapeutic massage is that both the client and practitioner have a shared goal of achieving structural changes within the body, this can be done best generally through a series of regular massages.
Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage or sports massage uses deeper pressure and cross-fiber friction in order to release tissue that is adhered or in spasm. This is a good option for people with chronic pain, or an active lifestyle.
Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Hot Stone Massage
A good alternative if you want more pressure than the Therapeutic massage, but not something as deep as the Deep Tissue. Heated rocks are placed upon the body and also used by our licensed massage therapists in their technique.
Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Bamboo Fusion Massage
Bamboo-fusion massage incorporates different lengths and diameters of bamboo sticks and stones. Warmed smooth bamboo, is integrated into a flowing Swedish massage. With the bamboo sticks as an extension of the hands the therapist can easily palpate, find tension, and dissolve knots and trigger points. They are used to knead and stretch muscle and fascia in all directions. The massage can go as light or as deep as necessary.
Bamboo Fusion Massage
Bamboo Fusion Massage
Thai Massage
Thai Massage is an ancient and sacred system of bodywork which is one of the five main branches of Traditional Thai Medicine. The ultimate goal of a Thai massage session is to open up the layers of the body and encourage ease of movement — of your muscles and connective tissue, of your blood, your lymph, the fluid in your joints, and your nervous system. This can help with a number of ailments that can afflict the body. Please wear loose fitting clothing when choosing this massage - as it is done on a traditional Thai mat on the floor.
Thai Massage
Thai Massage
Prenatal Massage
Prenatal massage is done safely after you are through your first trimester at 13 weeks. A Prenatal massage is performed by a licensed therapist and can help with relieving a number of ailments during pregnancy such as nausea, sciatica issues, back and hip pain, fatigue, and temporarily relieving pressure. We highly recommend 90 minutes.
Prenatal Massage
Skin Reveal Regenerative Wrap
An exceptional multifaceted body wrap using powerful black mulberry extract combined with essential oils that act on the body to detox, firm, rejuvenate and brighten. Dull complexion, dehydrated and flabby skin are all treated at once. Results are a more radiant, fair, healthy and elastic skin as well as toned body. Regeneration is increased when combined with a jasmine rice scrub and aromatherapy massage using a unique blend of tropical, sweet and spicy essential oils.
Javanese Lulur Royal Spa Ritual
This ancient beauty ritual originated in the palaces of Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia and has been used by royalty since the 17th Century to cleanse, smooth, soften and purify the skin. As a Royal “Celebration of Love,” this purification ritual was traditionally performed on the bride-to-be every day, for 40 days leading up to her wedding ceremony. It remains an important beauty custom and is still enjoyed throughout the country. The Lulur begins with a rhythmic meditative Balinese Massage using organic Jasmine Frangipani Massage oil before a traditional lulur scrub containing turmeric, rice and jasmine is applied and followed by a refreshing splash of yogurt.* Afterwards, you are in invited to soak in a fragrant, luxurious flower petal bath and polished to perfection with a moisturizing Jasmine Frangipani Body Lotion. The Lulur is a true royal ritual, which leaves the skin soft, supple and glowing
Body Wrap
Your choice of Relaxing, Contouring or Hydrating
Nai Plai - Cranial Herbal Poultice Head & Neck Recovery Massage
This remarkable massage experience combines all the right moves in all the right places to relieve stress where it manifests most on the back, neck, shoulders, face and crown. Your journey to recovery starts with a Royal Thai acupressure massage to release tight knots in the muscles, followed by the application of a hot steamed herbal compress to relieve stress, detoxify, increase circulation and energize. This treatment is pure bliss, if you tend to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders!
Sukapao - Herbal Poultice Foot Therapy with Thai Reflexology
Experience this heavenly deep heat medicinal foot massage that revitalizes tired, sore and overworked feet and legs due to athletics, work or an active lifestyle. Start with an aromatherapy foot soak using sweet orange, spearmint and wild mint essential oils to cleanse and awaken the feet. Next, a nourishing exfoliation prepares your feet for a therapeutic massage combining a hot steamed herbal compress filled with Thai reflexology on specific Sên Points to release blocked energy and relieve any stiffness and heaviness. An invigorating peppermint aromatherapy massage completes the treatment and envelops your feet with a feeling of exquisite warmth, lightness and renewed energy from the feet up to the head, allowing for total body rejuvenation.
Signature Mandala Facial
Our classic facial is completely customized to your skins needs. You will fill out an intake form and have a discussion with our licensed skin specialists to determine the appropriate protocol.
Hydro-Infusion Facial
A 4 step process that exfoliates, extracts, infuses, and hydrates the skin. First, we do a deep cleansing of the skin with water used at a supersonic speed to gently cleanse. Polishing the skin and pulling up any additional dead skin as well as starting to break up any debris in the skin. - Next, we apply a mild glycolic and salicylic acid peel that is gentle, this will not make you physically peel but breaks up all the dirt, makeup, black heads, and bacteria living in your pores. - The fun part..third step sucks everything out. Say goodbye to the makeup that has lived inside your pores for the past 4 months or that one pesky black head you couldn’t quite get! - Last but not least, infusion. This step pushes all kind of vitamins, peptides, minerals and hydration right into your skin! To leave it GLOWING, refreshed, clean, hydrated, and all while fighting anti aging and break outs!
One of the most popular and gentle manual exfoliation services. Your licensed esthetician is certified and specially trained to remove dead skin cells using a small blade. This is a great way to exfoliate (remove dead skin cells), creating a more youthful appearance, reducing the appearance of smaller lines and wrinkles as well as some pigmentation, allowing products to work better, and makeup to lay more evenly. Includes cleansing, dermaplaning exfoliation, moisturizer, and sun protection.
Dermaplaning - Express
Microdermabrasion removes dead surface skin cells and initiates cellular turnover at the dermis and epidermis levels in a safe controlled manner. This approach respects the integrity of the skin and promotes even healing. Maintaining even cellular growth on the surface aids in the youthfulness of the skin’s appearance. Microdermabrasion has been used to treat aging and sun-damaged skin, some types of acne and acne scarring, altered pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and stretch marks. Results may include improved skin tone, fewer breakouts, diminished appearance of scars, even skin color, refined skin pores, renewed elasticity, and a healthy glow.
Ultimate Hydrating Facial
Your skin will thank you for this rich, luxurious treatment that will bring relief to dehydrated and/or sunburned skin.
Anti-Aging Facial
Antioxidant rich products help to improve firmness. Vitamin A,C, & E help reverse signs of aging.
Teen Facial
This mini-facial is perfect for tweens and teens. This customized facial purifies, deep cleanses, and treats problematic skin. Our highly skilled aestheticians will also provide tips and home care recommendations for healthy maintenance of your teens skin. This facial treatment is for guests up to 16 years old. You may opt to add extractions with high frequency to this facial service.
Back Facial
Start with a deep cleansing, followed by a manual exfoliation. Extractions will be performed if needed/desired. Ending with a massage and purifying mask.
Permanent Makeup Consultation
A consultation must be booked before any PMU treatment can be performed. You can either book here or call Donna Gaume, our CPMT directly at 941-302-0658. Please note the consultation are complimentary however, if you cancel within 24 hours or no show, you will be charged a $50 fee
Permanent Makeup - Upper and Lower Eyeliner
Permanent Makeup - Upper Eyeliner
Permanent Makeup - Lower Eyeliner
Permanent Makeup - Full Lip Color with No Liner
Permanent Makeup - Full Lipcolor with Lipliner
Must have a consultation with licensed specialist as well as be cleared from an adverse health conditions.
Permanent Makeup - Eyebrows
Eyelash Extension Full Set
Lash fill (2 weeks)
Lash fill (3 weeks)
Lash fill (4 + weeks)
Eyelash Lift
Lash Tint
Eyebrow Tint
We recommend combining your brow tint with and brow wax for best results. The esthetician will color match to your existing eyebrow color, or hair color, depending on your preference.
Microblading eyebrows is a form of semi-permanent makeup that creates natural, beautiful eyebrows with a handheld microblade. It’s perfect for people who have overplucked or those who want to define, darken or reshape their eyebrows. A typical microblading appointment lasts 2 to 3 hours, depending on the artist. A touch up appointment lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the amount of work that needs touching up.
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.
Private Yoga Lesson
Taught by one of our highly experienced instructors, you will have one on one training. This is a great option if you are interested in yoga but not sure where to start.
Shirodhara is an amazing, unique body therapy from the ancient natural medical system Ayurveda. Shirodhara has a profound impact on the nervous system. That means, the treatment directly and immediately calms, relaxes and has a cleansing effect on the mind and nerves.
EyeBrow Wax
For those lucky enough to have fabulous eyebrows, this is the best option for monthly maintenance. Best to be done every 4 weeks.
Upper Lip Wax
Chin Wax
Upper Leg Wax
Lower Leg Wax
From below the knee to the ankle
Full Leg Wax
Underarm Wax
Lower Arm Wax
Full Arm Wax
Upper and lower arm
Back Wax
Waxing of the entire upper and lower back. Does not include shoulders.
Brazilian Wax
In this service, wax is used to remove all the hair except for a minimal strip down the front.
Bikini Wax
During this service, wax is used to remove the hair which would be visible while wearing a normal bikini bottom.
Body Beautiful Spa Package
3 Hour Package includes Therapeutic Massage, Coconut Body Scrub, Contouring Body Wrap. Start with a tropical exfoliation of the skin with our luscious coconut body scrub, then shower off in our beautiful stone shower. Next you will get back on the massage table and receive a warm oil application that will help to detoxify the body, followed by being wrapped in a warm heated blanket. Once you are finished with that, your therapist will start a full 60 minutes of pure blissful therapeutic massaging. Add Lunch to make it the full spa experience!
Back to Basics Spa Package
This Spa Package is a total of 2 hours. You will start by relaxing in our beautiful Oasis room. A licensed therapist will retrieve you and you will receive both a full 60 min therapeutic massage and a full 60 min customized skin care treatment. The perfect pick-me up!
Namaste Spa Package
Start with a private yoga session with one of our highly experienced yoga instructors. Followed up by a 60 min therapeutic massage and 30 min of reflexolgy. You will leave feeling centered and refreshed.
Get Glowing Spa Package
Luxurious head to toe treatment that begins with a coconut and cinnamon exfoliation to polish away dead skin cells, followed by an indulgent scalp massage. The journey concludes with a rich body souffle to lock in moisture while nourishing the skin, leaving it softer and noticeably healthier.
Too Much Fun in the Sun Spa Package
Overdid your fun by the beach or pool? Don't want to look like a lobster for your vacation pictures? Our Too Much Fun in the Sun Spa Package is just what you need! An after sun cooling and hydrating facial with no steam or warm compresses, followed by a cooling aloe body wrap and nourishing lotion
Mermaid for a Day Spa Package
3 Hours $300 Mineral Soak, Seaweed Body Treatment, Mineral Rich Facial from the Sea, Coconut Oil Body Application
Astrology Spa Package - Aries (March 21st - April 19th)
Born between March 21st - April 19th, the first sign of the zodiac rules over the head, the brain, and the eyes. Often times they are prone to headaches. The Aries Spa Package includes a Nai Plai to relieve stress, and a cooling facial & body wrap, as these signs tend to run "hot".
Astrology Spa Package - Taurus (April 20th - May 20th)
Born between April 20th - May 20th, Taurus are an earth sign and are indeed very grounded individuals. They rule over the throat, the neck and the thyroid. Taurus are prone to stiff necks, thyroid issues, and sore throats. The Taurus Spa Package includes a Mud Body Wrap and a Hot Stone Massage .
Astrology Spa Package - Gemini (May 21st - June 20th)
Born between May 21st - June 20th, the talkers of the zodiac rules the nervous system, along with the shoulders, arms, and lungs. They are prone to respiratory illnesses, anxiety, and insomnia. The Gemini Spa Package starts with a Shirodhara to calm the nervous system, followed by Reiki and Reflexology to bring this air sign back into its body.
Astrology Spa Package - Cancer (June 21st - July 22nd)
Born between June 21st - July 22nd, this water sign governs the stomach and chest areas. When unbalanced or stressed, they are prone to stomach ulcers, heartburn, and water retention. The Cancer Spa Package starts with a Mineral soak and Seaweed Body Wrap to release the toxins in the stomach and intestines, followed by a Lymphatic Drainage Massage to reduce water retention and toxin release.
Astrology Spa Package - Leo (July 23rd - August 22nd)
Born between July 23rd and August 22nd, the second fire sign of the zodiac rules the upper back and heart. It is no coincidence the saying goes "the heart of a lion". They are prone to back problems and heart related issues. The Leo Spa Package includes a Deep Tissue Massage along with cupping to relieve the muscles in the back, Followed by a cooling facial, to bring their heat back to the appropriate place in the body.
Astrology Spa Package - Virgo (August 23rd - September 22nd)
Born between August 223rd and September 22nd, the "organizer" of the zodiac rules over the intestines, digestive system, and spleen. The Virgo Spa Packages starts with a Shirodhara to give that third eye a momentary break, then it is followed by a Tumeric Body Wrap and Custom Facial. A perfect systematic package that appeases to Virgo's every concern.
Astrology Spa Package - Libra (September 23rd - October 22nd)
Born between September 23rd - October 22nd, this air sign governs the lower back and kidneys. They are prone to kidney stones and low back pain when feeling any sorts of unbalanced or feel that the world around them in "unfair". The Libra Spa Package is a Traditional Thai Massage to balance the body both physically and mentally, along with a Skin Balancing Facial to make sure the face is being treated just as fairly as the body.
Astrology Spa Package - Scorpio (October 22nd - November 21st)
Born between October 22nd - November 21st, this mysterious sign rules over the reproductive organs and the excretory system. They are prone to fevers and bodily infections when stressed. The Scorpio Spa Package starts with a Crystal Soak, followed by a Salt Scrub to slough off their outer prickly vibe, ending with a Chakra Balancing Massage. As far as this water sign goes, you have to be one, to understand it.
Astrology Spa Package - Sagittarius (November 22nd - December 21st)
Born between November 22nd - December 21st, this "free spirit" of a sign rules over the sciatica nerve, thighs and liver. Anxious to never stay in one spot too long, they are prone to sciatica pain, and hip and thigh issues. The Sagittarius Spa Package includes a Traditional Thai Massage, one of the best sciatica nerve relief therapies available, followed by a Cooling Body Wrap to take the heat off the liver.
Astrology Spa Package - Capricorn (December 22nd - January 19th)
Born between December 22nd - January 19th, this earth sign rules over bones, joints, and skin. When uprooted from their stable ground, they are prone to experience stiff joints and skin problems. The Capricorn Spa Package starts with a anti-inflammatory Tumeric Body Wrap followed by a Bamboo Fusion Massage. The heat from the earthy bamboo is beneficial for relief from stiff joints.
Astrology Spa Package - Aquarius (January 20th - February 19th)
Born between January 20th - February 19th, this air sign governs the circulatory system and the ankles. They have a hard time getting out of their heads and extremely prone to hypertension. To provide relief, the Aquarius Spa Package includes a traditional Thai Treatment called a Krachap, which aids in circulation and stress relief, followed by Reflexology which reduces stress and calms the nervous system.
Astrology Spa Package - Pisces (February 20th - March 20th)
Born between February 20th - March 20th, this last water sign of the zodiac rules the lymphatic system and most importantly feet. Under stress, Pisces are prone to foot problems and inflammation of the body. The Pisces Spa Package starts with a Seaweed Body Wrap to help reduce inflammation, followed by a Sukapao Thai Foot treatments to bring relief and awareness to the feet, finished up by a marine ingredient rich facial so energy is flowing head to toe.
Add On Lunch to any Spa Package
For as little as $15 you can add on lunch to any spa package. We order in from a variety of local health conscious cafe's and set it up for you to enjoy in our Oasis Relaxation Room. Please make sure when you check in to fill out your menu requests.
Reaction by Viora Consultation
A consultation must be booked before any Viora Reaction treatment can be performed. You can either book here or call Mandala Med Spa at 941-927-2278. Please note the consultations are complimentary however, if you cancel within 24 hours or no show, you will be charged a $50 fee
Reaction by Viora - Forehead
This area constitutes from the hairline down to the top of the brow bone.
Reaction by Viora - Lower Face
This area constitutes from the bottom of the eyes down to the jawline.
Reaction by Viora - Nasolabial/ Marionette Lines
Affectionately referred to as "smile lines"
Reaction by Viora - Full Face
This area constitutes from the top of the hairline down to the jawline.
Reaction by Viora - Neck/Submental
This area constitutes the bottom of the jawline down to the collarbone.
Reaction by Viora - Arms
This area constitutes from the elbow to the shoulder front and back of the arm.
Reaction by Viora - Abdomen
This area constitutes from the bottom of the ribcage to the top of the public bone.
Reaction by Viora Thigh Front Only
This area constitutes from the top of the knee to the bottom of the hip bone.
Reaction by Viora Thigh - Back Only
This area constitutes the entire back of the thigh from the knee up to where the buttocks meets.
Reaction by Viora Buttocks
This area constitutes the entire "cheek" area down to where the bottom of the buttocks meets the thigh.
Laser Hair Removal Consultation
A complimentary consultation must be done before booking any new or first time Laser Hair Removal service.
B12 Shot
Fat Burning Lipotropic Shot

Our Staff

Becky Palmer
Becky has been a licensed Massage Therapist since 2000 and also holds a Masters Degree in Science in Oriental Medicine, with focus as an Acupuncture Physician. She specializes in relaxing massage and palliative care.
Christy Stanford
Christy has been a licensed massage therapist & yoga instructor since 1998. She became a licensed esthetician in 2014. She specializes in massage, esthetics, Laser Hair Removal, and Viora Body Contouring.
Donna Gaume
Donna has been a licensed esthetician since 2004. She has been a certified Permanent Makeup Specialist since 1997. You must book a consultation with her prior to any permanent makeup applications.
Lindi Klinger @ Luxy Lash & Beauty
Mary Michael
Mary has been a licensed massage therapist since 2000 and a licensed esthetician since 2013. She specializes in Ayurveda medicine, anti aging esthetics, and healing therapies.
Melissa King
Melissa has been a licensed massage therapist since 2001. She specializes in deep tissue and myofascial release. Her massages are results driven.
Stephanie Heidemann
Stephanie Lubow
Stephanie has been a licensed massage therapist since 1994. She specializes in Thai massage, as well as all other Thai treatments offered at Mandala, having trained in Thailand in 2012. She also provides nurturing therapeutic and deep tissue work.
Yaneli Guevara
Yaneli has been a licensed esthetician since 2015 and is passionate about helping her clients feel great about themselves.