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Men's Cut
Color BlowDry
Color Cut
Women's Cut
Color Cut Partial
Full Foil Blow
Full Foil Cut
Partial Foil Cut
Color Blow Partial
Partial Foil
Kids Cut
Bang Trim
Mink Lashes Full Set
MINKS Full Set $210 Luxurious, softer eyelash extensions created to mimic real mink fur. I do not support Animal cruelty. This section is 110 minutes long. This full set will be also customized to the client's eye's features and natural lashes growth pattens.
Tweak $35 30 mins fix
Tweak $35 This is a 30-minute appointment where you can just swing by and fix a small problem or fill in a gap or two.
Tweak Plus $70 2 weeks
Tweak Plus $70 This is a 55-minute appointment where you come in and get your lashes freshened up. This is a great appointment if you have a special event coming up and you want a quick refresher. I normally will remove 40% to 60% of your lashes with a fill but with this appointment I'll just add in more lashes and only remove the lashes that really need to go.
Fill Plus $95 3 weeks
Fill Plus $95 This is an 75-minute appointment where you get a classic set of lashes. If you want something more natural this is the perfect appointment for you. With this appointment, I'll remove a lot of lashes and replace them with new lashes.
Fill DOUBLE $130 4 weeks
Fill DOUBLE $130 This is an 90-minute appointment where I give you a fuller, longer lasting set of lashes. With this appointment, we'll remove a lot of lashes and replace them with new lashes.Fill DOUBLE $130 4 weeks
Lash Removal
Lash Consent Signature required. Removal of all lash extensions. This procedure requires client to sign Blueberries Lashes Lash Extensions Removal Consent. (no exceptions)
Lash Tint
Tinting of lashes using Lash tint.
Brows Tint
Coloring with special Lash and Brows tint of eyebrows
Waxing - Brow Shaping
Waxing of the brows.
Lip Wax
Microblading Phone Consultation
This is a 10 minutes phone consultation is to ask general questions. A more extensive consult will be done for shape and color during your Microblading appointment. The number provided will be the number that is called.
Brow Microblading
Microblading is a form of semi permanent makeup which uses hair thin strokes to achieve desired thickness and color of the brows. Lasts 12-18 months.
Brow Color Boost
Microblading touch up after 8 months of initial Microblading application.
Brow Enhancement
Complementary touch up 8 weeks after initial Microblading application.
Corrective work pricing is subject to change on a per case basis. Email clear photo and description for specific pricing. $200+
Cut & Color

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