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Discover Luna Wellness & Massage signature menu of rejuvenating massages, energy therapy, facials, Lash Lift & Tint and waxing services. At Luna Wellness & Massage, we are devoted to personal well being. We provide a warm, relaxing and peaceful environment where your daily worries and stresses melt away. Our commitment is to maximize wellness by nurturing your mind, body and spirit. Take a deep breath, and leaving the outside world behind as you start your treatment to replenish your body’s natural balance. **Please note, we no longer accept Spa Week Gift Cards. **
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Our Services

Custom Massage
There are a variety of styles, types and techniques of massage utilized by massage therapists. Each massage is customized and tailored to your health for effective care.
30 min - Custom Massage
45 Custom Massage
75 Min Custom Massage
Reiki Therapy
Reiki is a form of spiritual practice used as a complementary therapy for the treatment of physical, emotional, and mental disease. Mikao Usui developed Reiki in early 20th century Japan. Reiki teachings state that there is a universal 'life force' energy, which can be accessed by practitioners to induce a healing effect
Infant Massage
Infant Massage is an age-old tradition that has been passed down from mother to daughter since the beginning of time. Infant Massage offers many benefits to both your baby and you!
Pediatric Massage
Fertility Abdominal Massage - Initial Consultation
Through various massage techniques, the therapist assists in balancing the client's energies within the body, cleansing the digestive tract (intimately linked with reproductive health), performing hormone-balancing reflexology, as well as offering aromatherapy and guided visualizations to open the body, mind and soul to a conscious conception.
Fertility Abdominal Massage - Follow up
Through various massage techniques, the therapist assists in balancing the client's energies within the body, cleansing the digestive tract (intimately linked with reproductive health), performing hormone-balancing reflexology, as well as offering aromatherapy and guided visualizations to open the body, mind and soul to a conscious conception.
Fertility Abdominal Massage & Yoni Steam Combo
Combining these two wonderful treatments may help with PCOS/PCOD, overian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, heavy cycles, irregular or absent menstrual and much more.
Male Abdominal Massage
Male Fertility massage supports healthy blood and lymph flow throughout the male abdomen and reproductive organs, which can help relieve congestion. Restricted blood flow can impact nerve function, which may affect not only prostate health, but bladder, intestinal, testicular and sperm health as well.
Yoni Steam
$50/person Maya healers and midwives used steams for centuries. Bajos means “down low” in Spanish. Bajos is a warm steam bath for the vagina. Vaginal steams are very effective treatment and are indicated for many common female complaints. Many women have poor circulation to the pelvis thus resulting in stagnation, so the warmth can support many common female issues caused by cold stagnation. Yoni Steams are a beautiful way to bring warm steam and heat to the pelvis and to the womb by increasing circulation and energy flow.
Brazilian Wax
The Brazilian is the perfect combination of naughty and nice, making it out most popular wax. Choose this option when you want to be smooth all over, bare or with just a strip of hair in the front that can be as thin or thick as you desire. Our experienced esthetician work quickly but thoroughly to make the wax as painless as possible. Come experience the Brazilian mystique. You will love it!
Brazilian Wax Intro
Brazilian Wax for first time clients only. (ladies only)
Bikini Waxing
This is an ideal service for first-time waxers of those who just want a little clean-up. Imagine that you're wearing standard or full coverage underwear. Any hair extending beyond the sides of the underwear will be removed.
Manzilian Wax Intro
This is for First Time Client ONLY! Male Brazilian Hard Wax is used for this service
Manzilian - All Gone
Say no more, lets remove it all.... This Waxes the shaft, scrotum, top, sides and in between the cheeks. Hard Wax is used for this service.
Buttocks wax
Lower back wax
Forearms / wax
Full Arms / wax
Half Legs
Full Legs
Abdominal wax
Eye Brows
Upper Lip wax
Chin wax
Full Face wax
In Between the Cheeks
Buns and In Between for Gent's
Removal of hair from the buttocks and in between including the perineum.
Back wax for him
Chest and Abs
Chest wax for him
Buttocks wax for him
Salt Scrub with foot massage
Hydrate and replenish the fresh feeling of your feet with foot scrub therapy. This treatment soothes and massages the feet on the arch, heel, and between the toes. Enhancement to our massage services.
Blueberry Oxygen Facial
This berry-filled formulation will hyper-oxygenate your skin cells with its antioxidant load of berries. Blueberries bring to your skin an arsenal of youthening and anti-aging benefits. Cranberries add to the blend with active bioflavonoids as well as much needed vitamins. A gentle exfoliation utilizing fresh fruit pulp, and a deeper cell renewal and collagen production with Glycolic and Alpha Lipoic acids.
Pumpkin Delight
The pumpkin treatment will not only brighten and give your skin a healthy glow, but will also bring back nostalgicc memories with its delightful scent. Time to relax and enjoy.
Deep Pore Cleanse
The key element to beautiful skin is clean pores. Our deep pore cleansing facial is essential for radiatant, glowing skin, and is especially beneficial for oilier skin types. Experience the perfect combination of cleansing and relaxation in this fundamental treatment focusing on purification. A relasing hand, neck and shoulder massage during a mask makes this treatment as revitalizing as it is relaxing.
Collagen Lip Mask / Add-on
Gold Powder Collagen Lip Mask is designed to decrease wrinkles, clear blemishes and moisturize and nourish the lips and surrounding area.
Gentleman's Facial
Even the busiest executive can finally take time out to refresh and rejuvenate with this comprehensive signiture facial, including a steam cleaninsing to remove impurities from the skin and pores.
The Peach Treatment
For Facial or Bikini-facial Ingrown, acne hair treatment Excellent for all skin types. Improves skin texture, exfoliates and creates cell turnover, controls sebum and acne. Contains a drawing compound that brings ingrown and acne to the surface. It has concentrated blend of 5 botanical extracts that helps promote elongation of collagen and elastin fibers giving skin new radiance.
Luna Signature Facial
The Signiture Facial starts with a full skin analysis so we can customize each facial to your skin's specific needs, Hydrating, Anti-aging, Detoxifying and also accommodates Sensitive skin conditions like Rosacea and Couperose. Our facials involve a deep pore cleaning, exfoliation to rid dead skin cell build up, and nourish the skin.
Teen Facial
Our Teen Facial is designed for over-active teen skin. It helps unclog blocked pores, reduce oil, and diminish the appearance of pores and acne.
Microcurrent "Non-surgical Facelift"
The dramatic effects of this microcurrent technology are often referred to as a “non-surgical facial-lift.” Microcurrent and LED light therapy have been clinically proven to improve facial toning and contouring. Red and infared LED technology have been shown to improve skin firmness, texture and clarity and reduce wrinkles.
Get your glow with our microdermabrasion. Minimize wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and acne scarring while stimulating collagen and elastin production for a younger look.
Express Facial 30 min
Lash Lift - Elleebana
Give your natural lashes the curl you desire. No maintenance. Lasting up to 12 weeks. 45 minutes
Lash Lift & Tint Combo
Natural looking long lasting curl and darker lashes you desire. No maintenance.
Lash Tint
Darker lashes in matter of minutes.
Keratin Lash Treatment
Add on Promotes lash growth,strength and thickness. Keratin Mascara is unique in many ways, it can strengthen and condition your lashes. The mascara’s Keratin leaves a clear gloss on your lashes, while increasing the volume. Keratin coats each eyelash individually and recovers the lash shape and form along with helping return your eyelashes to full health.
Botox Lash Treatment
Add-on The treatment repairs the damaged or broken eyelash fibers with a powerful concentrate of active ingredients including Nigella Sativa Oil, Organic Simmondsia Chinensis Oil, Camelina Sativa Seed Oil, Hydrolyzed Silk Peptides which guarantee to moisturize, replenish, repair and revive lashes right from the very first use, adding incredible shine, softness and eliminating dryness.
Lash Botox with Keratin
include Lash Lift, Keratin treatment and Lash Botox
Lash Botox with Keratin
Includes Lash Lift, Keratin Treatment, Lash Botox and Lash Tint
Chest & Abs Combo
Back & Shoulders Combo
Back, Shoulders, Chest & Abs Combo

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