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Our Services

Consultation 30 min
Consultation 60 min
Myers Cocktail 15 min
Myers Cocktail IV 30min
Glutathione IV
Glutathione helps to lighten dark spots on the skin, supports liver health and is a powerful anti-oxidant. This IV drip can be added to the Myers cocktail or Immune IV.
Glowing Skin IV
Our Most popular protocol; it has three bags - a myers cocktail,l phosphatidyl choline and glutathione IV push.
Frequent Flyer
This protocol is for reducing jet lag and can be given before or after flying.
Immune IV
For athletes to replenish electrolytes and minerals post exercise.
Fat Burner Shot
Anti-Aging Shot
Resveratrol injection
Pre-workout shot
Energy Shot
Fat Burner month supply
Purchase 8 shots for twice a week treatment.
Fat Burner 12
A month supply of injections with three times a week dosing.
10 Pass IV Treatment

Our Staff

Dr. Matea
Dr Matea Polisoto is a Naturopathic Doctor in Hollywood. Serving clients for over ten years, specializing in nutrition, IV vitamins, vitamin injections, aromatherapy and sound/energy healing.