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Our Services

False Eyelashes / Strips
1-3 Days Eyelashes. Great for a quick and temporary lash look. Add $10 for reusable mink lashes
Flare/ Individual Lashes
Temporary set of lashes; creating a voluminous full set of lashes. These are not 1:1 single lash extensions. ✨ $35 for New Customers Regularly $75
Partial 1:1 Lash Extensions
Natural length and volume set. 45 LPE is our partial set. This service is not for anyone with thick/ full natural lashes. ✨ $60 for New Customers~ Regularly $150
Full 1:1 Lash Extensions Set
Full Set of Classic 1:1 Eyelash Extensions; Approx. 80 LPE **Optional: Add $15 for super thick/ full lashes that may require more Lash Extensions. Length and volume is added, using a 1:1 technique. ✨$75 for New Customers ~ Regularly $250
Hybrid Lash Extensions
Hybrid lashes will give your lashes the perfect amount of fluff. This service consist of a mixture of Classic 1:1 Eyelash Extensions and 2D/ 3D Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions. Add $50+ for 4D ✨ $150 for New Customers ~ Regularly $275
Natural Russian Volume Extensions Set
Light-weight, handmade 2D fans are used to extend and volumize the natural lashes for 2X the natural volume. Add $75 for 3D lash extensions (3X the natural volume). ✨$199 for New Customer 2D Set Regularly $224+
Max Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions
The most voluminous, light-weight eyelash extensions available on the market. These are recommended for lashes that are naturally thick.
Lite 1:1 Lash Fill
This fill will only add 20-30 lash strands between both eyes (approx 15 lashes per eye). You're able to book this service ONLY if we applied your initial full set of eyelash extensions. Contact us for transfer service pricing.
1:1 Lash Extensions Refill
2- week lash refills are needed after we have applied your initial full set of extensions. You must have at least 50% of your lashes remaining. Add $15 for 3 Weeks Fill Add $20 for Transfer Refill Customers
Hybrid Fill
Russian Volume Fill
* price dependent on the type of Volume extensions you'll receive, and the amount of lashes lost and weeks between infills.
Lash Removal
Makeup/ Mascara Removal
Semi-Permanent Mascara
Perfect for anyone with light colored lashes, or anyone who would like a dark, black semi-permanent mascara effect.
Minor Brow Extensions
If you have a small scar, small areas of missing brow hair, some short hairs, sparse and thinning areas, this is the perfect brow restoration solution for you. You must have at least 75% of your natural brow hair, to have this brow extension service.
Eyebrow Extensions ~ Partial
If you have thin or short brows due to over done hair removal processes, this is the perfect brow restoration solution for you. You must have at least 50% of your natural brow hair, to have this brow extension service.
1 Flare Individual Fill/ Repair
This service can only be booked if you have damaged or lost a lash within 5 days of your initial appointment. We don't usually do fills for this service and recommend that you follow our aftercare instructions.

Our Staff

Marletto has been a licensed and certified cosmetologist for 6+ years. Most Popular Services: Classic Eyelash Extensions & Flare Lashes