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Skin Therapist specializing in treatment and care of your largest organ. Detailed skin analysis, with customized treatments. Waxing and tinting also available. To schedule a same day appointment please call 410.807.0764
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Our Services

This facial is specifically geared to focus on facial massage and energy work using more than one modality (cupping, Kansa wand, and flourite wand). Sink into complete relaxation for two hours. *this treatment is available to monthly members at the reduced price of 125.00
A facial the includes a full body balancing treatment. Treatment includes effleurage and stretching of arms and legs, aromatherapy, facial cupping & head massage. Great for change of season, stressful times, after an illness, or supreme indulgence. This facial lasts for approximately one and a half hours *This Service is avabilable to Monthly Members for the price of 105.00
The First Step
A facial for the serious first time client. Want to get your skin in check? This includes an in depth history and interview process regarding your body, mind, and skin. A customized one hour facial and product list will follow. *This service is available to Monthly Members at their Monthly Membership price making the consultation complimentary.
The Happiest Hour Facial
One hour of pure, skin balancing bliss. A customized facial to meet your skin's needs. Hand blended treatments will make sure that when you leave your skin is at it's healthiest! *This service is available to monthly members for 70.00, with contract.
Eye Brow Styling
This isn't your nail salon wax. Expert precision and careful calculation using the golden ratio will give you gorgeous, brows, that will highlight the windows of your soul.
Lip wax
Chin wax
Lip/Chin Combo
Eye Brow/ Lip Combo
Brow/ lip/ chin Combo
Lash and Brow Tint
Lash Tint
Semi permanent tint for your lashes.
Brow Tint
Semi permanent colour for your brows.
Under Arm Wax
French Bikini
Male Brazilian
Full Brazilian waxing for men.
Back wax (Full)
hair removal for the back and upper arms
Sinus Treatment add on
Sinus pressure? Pain? Discomfort? Let this add on help things move along. Sinus facial massage, warm compresses, and relexology.
Facial Cupping add on
Light suction to stimulation the lymphatic system and bring blood flow to the upper layers of the skin.
Hand Treatment
Let our house made butters soften and relax you hand muscles and smooth rough, dry skin.
Softening Foot Treatment
House made butters melt and smooth dry skin while warmth relaxes your over used foot muscles.
Reiki and Aromatherapy
Drown yourself in a divine energetic experience while essential oils that address your emotional and energetic needs are used to relax and transport you into another world.
Scalp Treat
Indulge in an aromatheraputic scalp treatment with massage and warm towles.
Intermittant extractions
When you're beginning your skincare journey and your skin is purging you may need to have extractions done from time to time. This service includes cleansing, steaming and extractions. *This service may only be booked if you have already been seen by Facialist, Miranda Beck and are under her care.

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Miranda Beck