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Lillie Wolff

Radical Embodiment Coaching for Collective Healing & Liberation
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Our Services

Free Exploratory Consultation
Please schedule a complimentary 20 minute consultation to help discern whether my work would be a good fit for your needs and intentions.
Somatic Experiencing Trauma Healing
Somatic Experiencing ("SE") was developed by Dr. Peter Levine for re-negotiating and healing the after-affects of traumatic events. SE is a profound way of working through deep conditioned patterns that may have been necessary for survival at one time but are now inhibiting aspects of your life, such as your health, happiness, joy, relationships, and fulfillment. Direct work with mindful attention to sensation in the body brings the nervous system back into regulation, positively affecting mood, confidence, and the capacity to meet life’s challenges with dynamic presence and resilience.
Embodied Leadership Coaching
My integrative and holistic Embodied Leadership Coaching practice draws on various modalities including somatic awareness coaching, racial healing and antiracist racial identity development coaching, trauma-aware therapeutic yoga, guided meditation and relaxation, Ayurvedic lifestyle wisdom, boundary work, communication skill development, codependency recovery support, creative expression support, and intuitive coaching. I tailor each session based on your needs and intentions, along with what we both intuit will best serve you. This work is ideally done weekly or bi-weekly (twice a month) for a period of 3-6 months in order to facilitate meaningful transformation, however, these sessions can also be done as one-off or occasional leadership support sessions. For more info please visit:
Organizational Somatic Practice Session
This session is designed for organizational teams to practice cultivating awareness and the internal somatic resourcing we need to move through the world in positive, grounded, resilient, and transformative ways. Through Embodiment practices your team will learn to transform outdated coping mechanisms that may be undermining your goals, dreams, and visions. Group yoga and somatics sessions support your team's efficacy, cohesion, and resiliency. Whether embarking on strategic planning, program design or implementation, staff or board retreat time, or tending to daily operations, incorporating somatic practice into your organizational culture can help you and your team level up as you help make the world a better place. Session limited to 15 people. Add $10 per person beyond 15.
Integrative Wellness Coaching
As a trauma-aware politicized healer, yoga instructor, and somatic coach I draw from a multi-disciplinary well of modalities that support the body’s intuitive and natural healing process. Grounded in a keen understanding of socio-political dynamics and their affect on us, I help you access your body’s wisdom through sensation, awareness, visualization, and gentle movement. Depending on what resonates, our work together may include trauma-informed therapeutic yoga, guided meditation, Ayurvedic wellness wisdom, healthy living recommendations, energy work, intuitive, spiritual, and creative coaching, and/or regulating your nervous system with Somatic Experiencing. Ahead of our initial session I will send you a confidential intake form to assess your primary concerns, needs, and intentions, as well as your current lifestyle, diet, routine, and body/spirit/mind practices. After your session, I will follow up with an individualized recommended practices and resources.
Yoga + Equity Consult
I am honored to offer one-on-one support to yoga teachers, studio owners, community leaders, and yoga students who are seeking guidance on deepening their power analysis, building compassionate action skills, and overall integration of social justice and yogic values. This support is particularly well suited for you if you are a studio owner or teacher training facilitator interested in discussing how to create an authentic, accessible, accountable, and inclusive studio and/or training culture.

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