Byeline Aesthetics Consulting and Training

A space for custom assessments for best practice of neurotoxins and fillers. In addition, a location to meet with peers to fine tune, basic to advanced techniques to utilize best practice injection services to patients/clients alike. If you do not see appointment time, please email or call and leave your request and I will try to accommodate you as well as I can. Thank you in advance.
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Our Services

Injectables: Botox/Xeomin
Neurotoxin injection- price is per unit
Injections: Fillers (for volume loss)
Price and time ranges based on assessment and needs of client. Therefore product choice for area may vary. Patient will be given all info before any procedure is done.
PDO Threads
PDO Threads used to smooth, volumize, lift and tighten most oftenlower face and neck but may also be useful in other areas of face , neck and body. This includes knees and underarm (AKA: tricep area).
Kenalog Injection
A steroid injection for painful acne/blemish that reduces inflammation and swelling that causes it to be painful. (Can only be done once per month in same location)
Vitamin B12 Injection
A water soluble injection used for increasing energy and vitality.
Recheck/Follow up
Skin Pen - face
Micro needling of face, for fine lines, reduction of scarring and increased collagen production.
Skin pen - face and neck
Micro needling of both face and neck area
Custom consultation for your aesthetic needs/wants
After Consult, Treatment custom to care plan
PRP for scalp/hair loss
Treatment for hair thinning and loss. Rejuvenating this area with PRP and using your own plasma to restore this area. Needing more than one treatment, assessment will follow to determine approximate treatments needed. *( price is per treatment)
PRP - Female shot
Increase sexual function,decrease pain, increase lubrication and decrease urinary incontinence.
PRP -for men
An injection into penis to help with sexual function, performance, sexual stamina, ans sensation.
PRP for Breast area
Using PRP to increase breast volume, cleavage area.
PRP Vampire Facelift
Using PRP, and one syringe filler, to reduce fine lines, increase texture and skin thickness. Rejuvenate tissue to use less filler and toxins in the future. Specific placement of products to regain symmetry to that of youthful face.
PRP Vampire Facial
PRP with micro needling, using your own plasma to decrease pore size and smooth your skin. Great for fine lines (price is per time) may take up to 3 times then bi yearly is suggested after that.Discount of $250 if bought in package of 3.
Peer/Provider Training- Full day
Peer training for full day, (Utilizing 5-8 patients) must confirm type and location with Melinda RN. This includes didactic.
Peer/Provider Training 1/2 Day
Peer training with injectables. Utilizing 3-5 patients, must confirm type of training and location. (4 hour service). Includes didactic.
Micro-Channeling "Aquagold"
Treatment to smooth and tighten superficial skin. Using an HA serum mixture to draw moisture into skin.
Micro-Channeling "Aquagold" Treatment Neck/Chest or Hands
Add on treatment or stand alone treatment for smoothing and tightening superficially using a HA serum mixture.
This service uses a blade to remove facial fine hair and dead skin cells. It allows moisturizer and products to lay well and better absorb. This includes a collagen mask afterwards.

Our Staff

Melinda Barnes
Melinda, RN... Independent cosmetic injectable trainer. Licensed in both MN and WI. Long standing history with working with individuals in the cosmetic industry. I love the learning process and continue to reach for the latest techniques.