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Our Services

New Patient: Comprehensive Exam
Book here if you would like an in depth look into your oral health condition. Through low radiation x-rays, photographs, soft and hard tissue analysis, joint and muscles exams, and a battery of other diagnostic processes, the comprehensive exam will provide you with the appropriate knowledge needed to understand the various dental issues that you may have as well as the solutions that can be applied to bring you back to perfect oral health. By providing you with this knowledge, you are able to take control of your own health rather than be at the mercy of dentists and insurance companies.
New Patient: Initial Exam + Hygiene
Book here if you're a new patient who would like an exam followed by a regular hygiene appointment. The exam is a shortened version of the 1-hour+ comprehensive exam. If you believe that you have pretty good oral health and hygiene, a short exam may be enough to keep you healthy. If you feel that you have more extensive dental issues, the full comprehensive exam is highly recommended.
Continuing Treatment Appointment
Book here if you've completed the initial exam/cleaning appointment or the limited exam appointment but need additional dental treatment and have not yet booked your next appointment (e.g., fillings, crowns, cosmetics, scaling and root planing, etc.).
Returning Patient Exam
Book here if you are a returning patient who would like a regular recall/recare exam appointment.
Limited/Emergency Exam + Treatment
Book here if you have an emergency dental problem or would like an exam and treatment done on just one tooth or one area of the mouth that's of main concern to you.

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