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A warm welcome to Legacy Wellness, the Minneapolis acupuncture and Oriental medicine clinic specializing in digestive health and fertility. Monica Helland, Ma.OM., L.Ac., the founder of Legacy Wellness, offers the ancient wisdom of Traditional Oriental Medicine to those who seek to restore their body’s natural health.
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Our Services

Initial Visit
Your health history paperwork is reviewed, an in depth personal interview is completed, and your first acupuncture treatment is performed. An overview of Oriental medicine will be reviewed with you at your second visit. Recommendations for herbal medicine, food therapy, and other lifestyle advice will help you take an active role in your healing process.
Second Visit
The overview of Oriental medicine and your customized herbal medicine and food therapy recommendations are reviewed with you along with your second acupuncture treatment.
Follow-up Treatment
Follow-up treatments include an acupuncture treatment, continued herbal medicine and food therapy recommendations, along with accessory techniques according to individual patient needs. Accessory techniques may include: moxibustion, cupping, auricular therapy, and Korean hand therapy. Treatments may also include acupuncture performed on both the front and back sides of the body.
Herbal & Food Therapy Consult
An herbal consult includes recommendations for traditional Chinese herbal medicine as well as food therapy suggestions. Consults may take place at the office or over the phone.
Facial Rejuvenation
Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture can address many skin issues appearing on the face by working both locally to improve circulation, increase collagen production, and improve skin tone and at a systemic level to correct the cause behind the skin issue. Individualized support is provided by starting with a comprehensive consultation to understand exactly what issues each patient hopes to correct. Treatments are recommended on a bi-weekly basis for a 6-week period (12 treatments in total); this specific timing has been demonstrated to be the most effective in increasing collagen and elastin production, reducing wrinkles, and achieving permanent/lasting results.

Our Staff

Monica Helland
Monica Helland, Ma.OM., L.Ac., owner and founder of Legacy Wellness is a second generation acupuncturist and herbalist with a warm and innovative approach to whole body health.