Dr. John M. Wallman, DC

Investigating Causes, Providing Choices Diagnosis - Dr. Wallman is dedicated to helping you figure out the 'What' AND the 'Why' of your health & performance status. He offers Computerized Movement Imaging, force plate stability testing, laboratory assessments and imaging studies as well as careful & thorough history / physical exams. Treatment - Nutrition, biom1echanics and lifestyle management form the cornerstones of our therapies. The office includes: over 1000 sq' of exercise equipment, physiotherapy suite, state of the art traction and much more. Over a dozen providers in the complex from massage to pulmonary provides aditional expertise as needed. Dr. Wallman is a 3rd generation doctor with 35 years in practice. Experience includes: President of the Diagnosis Foundation; provider at the US Open Golf Championship, post-doctoral faculty in the Diagnosis Department & Director of Academic Affairs leading the academic and research programs of the International Space University.
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
12:00 PM - 7:00 PM
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
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Our Services

YogAnalysis A&P
Assessments to measure your functional movements, muscle strength, balance and flexibility. Also includes a brief Planning session to outline corrective exercises and stretches.
1st Visit - Meet & Greet
There is no charge for this initial 10 minute appointment to meet with the doctor and ask whatever questions you have about your condition in general or office policies. This is an opportunity to make sure you are comfortable with his approach to your type of issues.
New Patient Visit
For first time patients. Please bring previous laboratory, imaging & other testing / treatment performed.
10 Minute Office Visit
A standard length office visit for services such as a chiropractic adjustment with physiotherapy or nutrition consultation.
20 Minute Office Visit
An extended office visit with 2 procedures such as: X-rays Computerized Movement Imaging, or treatment.
30 Minute Office Visit
For any combination of more extended: treatments, exams or consultations. Up to 5 very brief procedures.
1 Hour Office Visit
Extended visit for in depth consultation, treatment &/or examinations.
Re-exam - 10 Minutes
Re-exams repeat physical tests that have been done on previous appointments and had abnormal findings. They are done to monitor progress and are repeated periodically throughout a course of treatment (typically every 6 visits or 6 weeks, whichever is less). These exams are usually discussed with Dr. Wallman in advance. Typically a re-exam is booked in addition to your normal length treatment appointment.
Group Exercise - 30 Minutes
The supervised group exercise sessions of 4-6 people are done as part of the Training Driven By Diagnosis Program. Talk to Dr. Wallman for additional details at DoctorWallman@gmail.com

Our Staff

John Wallman
Currently Provider at the golf US Open President of the Diagnosis Foundation Post-doctoral faculty in diagnosis Previously Undergraduate faculty Team Dr.:- college, local & 2ndary Director of graduate Academics & Research - International Space University