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Flaunt Blow Dry Bar & Salon

Flaunt Blow Dry Bar & Hair Salon is Norman Oklahoma’s premier salon experience. As you walk through the doors you will find yourself surrounded by luxury and glamour. Our team provides an experience to our clients unlike anything they are accustomed to receiving. Champagne, chandeliers and Chanel inspired decor combine to create an elegant atmosphere we know you will love. Outstanding service, ambiance and results guarantee that you’ll feel refreshed and poised to FLAUNT your perfect style. Prepare to escape reality and discover your new favorite way to be pampered.
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Open today until 6:00 PM

Our Services

Blow Out
Wash, Dry & Style
Blowout (with extensions)
Blow Out + Braid
Wash, Dry & Style + Braid
Blow Out + Updo
Wash, Dry & Style + Updo
Blow Out + Conditioning Treatment
Wash, Dry & Style + Conditioning Treatment
Blow Out For Girls (age 10 & under)
Wash, Dry & Style (age 10 & under only)
Updo (no wash)
Make Up (full face)
Make Up (eyes only)
Make Up (false eyelashes)
Liz Boyd: Lash Lift & Tint
Liz Boyd: Eyelash Extension Full Set
Liz Boyd: Eyelash Extension 60 minutes Fill (existing clients only)
We do not fill other lash artists work.
Liz Boyd: Eyelash Extension 90 minutes Fill (existing clients only)
We do not fill other lash artists work.
Liz Boyd: Eyelash Extentions Removal
Liz Boyd: Waxing (eyebrow)
Eyebrow shaping, following by a soothing post wax treatment and brow fill.
Liz Boyd: Waxing (brow + lip)
Brow shaping, and lip wax followed by soothing post wax treatment.
Liz Boyd: Waxing (brow + tint)
Brow tinting and waxing
Liz Boyd: Waxing (Brazilian)
Brazilian wax removing all hair from belly button to tail bone (female only).
Liz Boyd: Waxing (modern bikini)
Hair removed from sides, and in a little. Ideal for today's modern bikini bottoms.
Liz Boyd: Waxing (bikini)
Hair removed from outside bikini line.
Liz Boyd: Waxing (full face)
Liz Boyd: Waxing (nostril)
Liz Boyd: Waxing (male brow + nostril)
Liz Boyd: Eyebrow or Eyelash Tinting
Liz Boyd: Elizabeth: Make Up Application
Shana Perkins: Women's Hair Cut
Shana Perkins: Men's Hair Cut
Shana Perkins: Children's Haircut
Shana Perkins: Semi or Permanent Color Only
with hair cut $100
Shana Perkins: Base Color & Highlights Only
with hair cut $150
Shana Perkins: Full Head Foil Weave Only
Shana Perkins: Partial Foil Weave Only
with hair cut $100
Shana Perkins: Double Process Color Only
with hair cut $135
Shana Perkins: Bayalage
Shana Perkins: Shampoo & Style
Shana Perkins: Bang Trim
Shana Perkins: Perm & Haircut
Haley Senchal: Women's Haircut
Haley Senchal: Shampoo & Style
Haley Senchal: Balayage
Haley Senchal: Foils
Haley Senchal: Single Palette Color Touch Up (no foils)
Haley Senchal: Single Palette All Over Color (no foils)
Haley Senchal: Women's Dry Cut
Haley Senchal: Hand-tied Extensions
Haley Senchal: Hand-tied Extensions Consultation
Tammy Mixon: Women's Haircut and Style
Tammy Mixon: Dry Cut
Tammy Mixon: Men's Haircut
Tammy Mixon: Partial Foil Color
Tammy Mixon: Full Foil Color
Tammy Mixon: Single Color Retouch
Tammy Mixon: Double Process Color, Base Color & Highlights
Tammy Mixon: Bleach & Tone
Tammy Mixon: Shampoo & Style
Tammy Mixon: Extensions
$100 per hour plus the cost of the hair I-Tip, Micro-bead/loop, Tape-Ins and customer Clips-Ins.
Tammy Mixon: Permanents
Tammy Mixon: Keratin Smoothing Treatment
Paige Pipher: Eyelash Extensions Full Set
Paige Pipher: Eyelash Extensions 2 Week Fill (existing clients only)
We do not fill other lash artists work.
Paige Pipher: Eyelash Extensions 3 Week Fill (existing clients only)
We do not fill other lash artists work.
Paige Pipher: Women's Haircut
Paige Pipher: Men's Haircut
Paige Pipher: Extension Consultation
Paige Pipher: Balayage
Paige Pipher: Half Head Highlight
Paige Pipher: Full Head Highlight
Paige Pipher: Single Palette Color
Paige Pipher: Single Palette Retouch
Paige Pipher: Women's Dry Cut
Paige Pipher: Children's Cut
Paige Pipher: Dry Style
Paige Pipher: Half Up/Half Down Style
Paige Pipher: Lip Wax
Paige Pipher: Eyebrow Wax
Paige Pipher: Updo Style
Paige Pipher: Make Up Application
Paige Pipher: Hand-tied Extensions
Paige Pipher: Hand-tied Extensions Consultation
Alli Grace: Children's Cut
Age 10 & Under
Alli Grace: Men's Haircut
Alli Grace: Women's Haircut
Alli Grace: Updo
Alli Grace: Perm
Alli Grace: Partial Highlight
Alli Grace: Full Highlight
Alli Grace: All Over Color
Alli Grace: Root Touch Up for All Over Color
Alli Grace: Ombre/Balayage
Melanie Hogan: Women's Hair Cut
Melanie Hogan: Bang Trim
Melanie Hogan: Men's Haircut
Melanie Hogan: Children's Cut
Melanie Hogan: Shampoo & Style
Melanie Hogan: New Client Color, Cut & Consultation
Melanie Hogan: Partial Highlight
with cut $135
Melanie Hogan: Full Highlight
with cut $145
Melanie Hogan: Standlights
Melanie Hogan: Babyllights
Melanie Hogan: Balayage
with cut $165
Melanie Hogan: Root Touch Up
with cut $95
Melanie Hogan: Perm
Melanie Hogan: Updo
with wash $75
Melanie Hogan: Extensions
Tape In & Hand Tied
Lindsey Sternberg: Hand-tied Extensions + Color/Cut
Lindsey Sternberg: Hand-tied Consultation
Lindsey Sternberg: Hand-tied Extensions (install only)
Lindsey Sternberg: Women's Cut (chin & above)
Lindsey Sternberg: Women's Hair Cut (chin & below)
Lindsey Sternberg: Bang Trim
Lindsey Sternberg: Men's Hair Cut
Lindsey Sternberg: Children's Hair Cut (age 10-17)
Lindsey Sternberg: Children's Hair Cut (age 5-10)
Lindsey Sternberg: Children's Hair Cut (age 5 & under)
Lindsey Sternberg: Olaplex Treatment
Lindsey Sternberg: Updo
Lindsey Sternberg: Shampoo & Style
Lindsey Sternberg: Balayage & Cut
Lindsey Sternberg: Partial Highlight & Cut
with cut $120
Lindsey Sternberg: Base Color, Highlight & Cut
includes hair cut
Lindsey Sternberg: Full Highlights & Cut
Lindsey Sternberg: Single Color Retouch (no foil)
Lindsey Sternberg: All Over Color & Cut
Jamie Stephens: Women's Haircut
Jamie Stephens: Mens' Cut
Jamie Stephens: Shampoo and Style
Jamie Stephens: Balayage
Jamie Stephens: Half Head Highlights and/or Lowlights
Jamie Stephens: Full Head Highlights and/or Lowlights
Jamie Stephens: All Over Color
Jamie Stephens: Tape-in Hair Extensions
Jamie Stephens: Hand-tied Extensions Consultation
Jamie Stephens: Hand-tied Extensions
Jamie Stephens: Eyebrows
Dawna Tate: Women's Haircut
Dawna Tate: Women's Dry Cut
Dawna Tate: Partial Highlights + Cut
Dawna Tate: Full Head Highlight + Cut
Dawna Tate: Balayage + Cut
Dawna Tate: Foils with Root Shadow + Cut
Dawna Tate: All Over Single Color + Cut
Dawna Tate: Root Touchup + Cut
Dawna Tate: Platinum + Cut
Dawna Tate: Gloss
Dawna Tate: Hand-tied Extension Consultation
Dawna Tate: Hand-tied Extensions
Lindsay Gunn: Women's Hair Cut
Lindsay Gunn: Men's Hair Cut
Lindsay Gunn: Highlight & Cut
Lindsay Gunn: Balayage & Cut
Lindsay Gunn: Root Lift & Cut
Lindsay Gunn: All Over Color & Cut
Lindsay Gunn: Keratin Treatment
Melinda Rother: Complimentary Consultation
Melinda Rother: Women's Hair Cut
Melinda Rother: Men's Hair Cut
Melinda Rother: Children's Hair Cut
12 & Under
Melinda Rother: Bang Trim
Melinda Rother: Shampoo & Style
Melinda Rother: Partial Highlights/Lowlights
Melinda Rother: Full Head Highlights/Lowlights
Melinda Rother: Balayage
Melinda Rother: All Over Color
Melinda Rother: Root Retouch
Melinda Rother: Base Color With Highlights
Melinda Rother: Shadow Root
Melinda Rother: Updo
Melinda Rother: Extensions
Melinda Rother: Hand-tied Extension Consultation
Melinda Rother: Men's Facial Shave
Melinda Rother: Brazilian Blowout
Melinda Rother: Body Wave Perm
Ashley Loftis: Women's Cut
Ashley Loftis: Men's Cut
Ashley Loftis: Shampoo & Style
Ashley Loftis: Highlight/Lowlight with cut
Ashley Loftis: Balayage
Ashley Loftis: All Over Color
Ashley Loftis: Color Correction
Ashley Loftis: Hair Extensions
Maddy Leist: Women's Hair Cut
Maddy Leist: Men's Cut
Maddy Leist: Children's Cut
Age 12 & Under
Maddy Leist: Bang Trim
Maddy Leist: Shampoo & Style
Maddy Leist: Full Highlights
Maddy Leist: Partial Highlights
10 or less highlights only
Maddy Leist: Balayage / Ombre
Maddy Leist: Single Color + Cut
Maddy Leist: Dimensional Color
Maddy Leist: Brazilian Blowout
Maddy Leist: Color Correction
Maddy Leist: Vidid/Fashion Color Consultation
Maddy Leist: Tape In Extensions Consultation
Maddy Leist: Extension Consultation
Maddy Leist: Hand-tied Extension Installation
Maddy Leist: Hand-tied Extension Move-Up
Maddy Leist: Olaplex Repair Treatment
Maddy Leist: Toner or Gloss
Maddy Leist: Makeup Application
Maddy Leist: Brow Wax
Maddy Leist: Lip Wax
Maddy Leist: Deep Conditioning Treatment (Add On)
Meghan Swinehart: Women's Cut
Meghan Swinehart: Women's Dry Cut
Meghan Swinehart: Bang Trim
Meghan Swinehart: All Over Color
Meghan Swinehart: All Over Color + Cut
Meghan Swinehart: Root Touch
Meghan Swinehart: Root Touch + Cut
Meghan Swinehart: Partial Foil
with cut $130
Meghan Swinehart: Full Foils
with cut $150
Meghan Swinehart: Balayage/ Ombre/ Color Melt
Meghan Swinehart: Balayage/ Ombre/ Color Melt + Cut
Meghan Swinehart: Shampoo & Style
Meghan Swinehart: Eyebrow Wax
Meghan Swinehart: Tape In Hair Extensions Consultation
Leah Norman: Women's Cut
Leah Norman: Women's Dry Cut
Leah Norman: Men's Cut
Leah Norman: Children's Cut
Leah Norman: Children's Cut
Leah Norman: Partial Highlight
Leah Norman: Full Highlight
Leah Norman: Base Color + Highlight
Leah Norman: Balayage
Leah Norman: Root Touch
Leah Norman: All Over Color
Leah Norman: Toner
Leah Norman: Hand-tied Extensions
Maddy Burris: Women's Cut
Maddy Burris: Women's Dry Cut
Maddy Burris: Men's Cut
Maddy Burris: Partial Highlight
Maddy Burris: Full Highlights
Maddy Burris: Base Color + Highlight
Maddy Burris: Balayage
Maddy Burris: Root Touch
Maddy Burris: All Over Color
Maddy Burris: Toner
Maddy Burris: Extension Consultation
Maddy Burris: Extensions
Jenny Phillips: Women's Cut
additional $15 for conditioning treatment
Jenny Phillips: Men's Cut
Jenny Phillips: Balayage
Jenny Phillips: Full Highlight
Jenny Phillips: Partial Highlight
Jenny Phillips: Root Touch Up (single color)
Jenny Phillips: All Over Single Color

Our Staff

Alicia (Blow Out Stylist)
Alli Grace
Annah (Blow Out Stylist)
Ashley Loftis
Brett (Blow Out Stylist)
Dawna Tate
Haley Senchal
Jamie Stephens
Jenny Phillips
Leah Norman
Lindsay Gunn
Lindsey Sternberg
Maddy Leist
Meghan Swinehart
Melanie Hogan
Paige Pipher
Shana Perkins
Tammy Mixon