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I provide the health services of Metabolic Nutrition Coaching, Metabolic Testing, Personal Training, and Online Personal Training to clients interested in taking a whole body, holistic approach to their health, wellness and healing goals. My approach is to get to the root cause of your health problems and not to just focus on your symptoms. My services are available in-studio, in your home if you reside in Centreville/Chantilly, VA or by phone or online via Skype/Zoom.
9:00 AM - 6:30 PM
9:00 AM - 6:30 PM

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Our Services

Whole Health Intro Call/Check-In Call
This session allows us to connect by phone and discuss your initial questions or concerns regarding working with me. It can also service as a follow-up opportunity for us to chat regarding previous correspondence.
Initial Whole Health Strategy Session
This is a consultation with Monica Kuebler and can be delivered either in her studio/office, by phone or Skype. This is often the first step for potential clients but can serve as a general health consultation for established clients. For new clients, your health goals, obstacles, health and exercise history and much more will be discussed. Objectives will vary per client but generally, the objective of this session is to identify which services (if any) you may need in order to achieve your established goals and to create an action plan together that will allow you to reach them successfully.
Metabolic Typing Coaching Session 60 min
This service is for clients taking part in the Metabolic Typing service with Monica Kuebler. NOTE: If this is your first consultation you MUST completely review the initial materials/video(s) before scheduling this consultation.
Metabolic Typing Coaching Session 30 min
This service is for clients taking part in the Metabolic Typing service with Monica Kuebler.
Functional Nutrition Coaching Session
This session is for clients interested in consulting with me about their diet and nutrition and is tailored to the individual.
Real Food 101 Session
This food education session serves to teach you how to incorporate more of the healthiest types of food into your diet and eliminate the foods causing you harm. We can dedicate this session to a number of different topics as we work towards educating and empowering you to learning the truth about what real food actually is, healthy food swaps, how to master the art of going gluten-free, ditching sugar, how to prepare foods properly for maximum nutrient density and benefit, cooking demonstrations, learning about toxic foods to avoid and why, and where to get great quality food! The sky is the limit as far as what we can do in this type of session but the focus is to help you become a total pro when it comes to choosing the right foods based on how they are prepared, processed, raised and more.
Heart Rate Variability Coaching Session
This consultation can be completed in the studio or via Zoom/Skype. In this session, I will review and identify through your health history, current conditions, fitness and lifestyle factors the areas of priority relevant to your lifestyle and goals that need to be improved and how to do that. We will discuss getting started HRV, breathwork exercises and additional recovery methods to include in your daily routine to improve your HRV. Requirements: 1. You will be required to fill out the Client Registration and Intake Form before the consultation is booked which will be provided to you via email. 2. You will also be required to take 10 HRV Morning Readiness readings prior to the consultation.
Functional Movement Assessment & Consultation
In this appointment, we will discuss your specific goals, problem areas, health history, and lifestyle factors. You will then go through a series of movements and exercises to identify your current movement abilities, inabilities, strengths and weaknesses. Some of the things included in this assessment are a postural and gait analysis, balance assessments, core function test, muscular endurance and strength assessments. Please be prepared for this session like an actual workout session.
Athlete Performance Training Session
This 60-minute session is available in-studio and allows us time to discuss your progress, any obstacles relating to your training, movement, recovery and performance as well as train to further develop your body's ability to perform optimally in your sport.
Corrective Exercise Training Session
This session is to be scheduled after a Functional Movement Assessment and Consultation has been completed and is facilitated in my Centreville, VA studio. In this session, Monica will teach and train you to properly perform the exercises and movement patterns you need to implement into your fitness routine in order to correct any of the imbalances that were identified in your Assessment that are contributing to pain, weakness and/or dysfunctional movement patterns.
Functional Training Session
This 60-minute session is available in-studio and allows us time to discuss your progress, any obstacles relating to your training program and the opportunity to introduce you to new movements and exercises. This session is customized to your health goals and current needs.

Our Staff

Monica Kuebler
Monica Kuebler is the founder and holistic health practitioner at Whole Health Elements. She focuses on the root cause of her client’s health and movement issues instead of the symptoms to optimize her client's health.