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Visit Hotel RITUAL for an escape from the everyday; a place to revive and reset. Through the iron gates and under the wisteria covered arbor, you’ll find a transportive space and the flexibility to make your visit your own. Wander the grounds, have a drink at the bar, find a tucked away spot to read. Onsite sauna, jacuzzi, heated pool, treatments, massage, media room and library. Complete your stay with custom skin, hair and body treatments, book an event, or the entire space for a retreat.

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Our Services

***COMING SOON*** Our signature treatment. An ancient Ayurvedic therapy, Shirodhara cleanses both the mind and the senses, allowing the body's natural healing mechanisms to release stress from the nervous system to improve mental clarity and comprehension, and relieve stress and anxiety. Often called “Bliss Therapy," Shirodhara is a continuous flow of warm oil in a slow steady stream on the forehead. Patterns of waves across or zigzags up and down the forehead trigger the body to enter an altered state of consciousness. REGIMEN: Best done in a series of 4 for ultimate benefit.
Analysis and recommendation for the youngest, healthiest skin along with solution and treatment for every possible skin condition utilizing natural and cosmeceutical technologies. Book your appointment now for instant results.
Spend a few hours detoxifying and purifying with our signature sauna experience. Sauna, plunge, exfoliate, rinse, hot tub, swim, repeat. You will leave relaxed and revitalized with the softest skin since babyhood. Our membership program, Sweat Equity, is available to utilize the benefits of sweat and rejuvenate all month long. REGIMEN: Daily, weekly, monthly! Join Sweat Equity for this essential component of good health.
Hair and Scalp Treatment
Transform hair and scalp with this anti-aging formula, and promote hair growth with a powerful blend of pure essential oils packed with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. 15 minute scalp massage, followed by 10 minutes of heated relaxation, ending with full shampoo and conditioning treatment. REGIMEN: Visit us every 4-6 weeks with weekly at home treatments.
***COMING SOON*** An indulgent end to a day at Ritual Sweat, relaxing by our pool, or exploring the Piney Woods as a guest at Hotel Ritual, allow us to draw a bath of custom blended oils, herbs and efficacious minerals for blissful and healing relaxation that will prepare you for the best sleep of your life. Golden milk, herbal tea or glass of wine served to help you on your journey. Bath “prescription” included to integrate this self healing practice into your home routine. REGIMEN: Any and all nights.
Available on Friday by appointment. There is a healer in our midst. Combining multifactorial therapeutic techniques including body talk and tapping meditation, our on-site massage therapist is truly a master practitioner of healing and wellness. Completely customized to your needs, whether simply relaxation, therapeutic or medicinal. REGIMEN: Customized to individual need.
Available on Thursday by appointment. A Japanese technique for stress reduction, relaxation and healing. Energy is channeled into the body by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes and restore physical and emotional well-being. Pop in for the perfect energizing and balancing 15 minute session and leave with your life force energy rejuvenated. REGIMEN: As often as needed for rebalancing.
Enjoy scheduled classes in our upstairs yoga & meditation studio above our luncheonette as well as therapeutic private lessons available at both the luncheonette and at Hotel RITUAL. First class is always complimentary and mats are available. Drop in classes start at $10 or purchase a pass of 6 classes for $48. -Monday: 9:00am & 5:30pm -Wednesday: 9:00am -Thursday: 5:30pm

Our Staff

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