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Ecoinsulate Northwest is a full service insulation contractor based in Tacoma, WA. We're proud to offer simple price and schedule select insulation projects online. Call 877-890-3626 for a phone consultation on your project if necessary. .
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Our Services

Blow-in Insulation Removal
$250 trip charge. plus $.59/sqft (billed on site)to remove existing fiberglass, celluose, or sylvawool insulation up to 10" thick and dispose. Additional charges may apply for insulation thicker than 10", construction debris concealed by insulation, or excess storage items that need to be moved to perform removal work.
Blow in fiberglass attic insulation R49
$500 trip charge now and $.52/ square foot (billed on site) for baffle intake venting, wrap exhaust fan ducts, seal visible plumbing/wire pens, weatherize hatches in conditioned space, and insulate to R49 with blow in fiberglass insulation.
Residential Estimate - upgrade existing
Determine scope/products and provide an estimate for upgrading an existing home insulation. Includes REMODEL projects
Residential Estimate - New Construction
Determine scope/products for single family new houses. Fiberglass, cellulose, foam, etc. and provide accurate estimate.
Sound Proofing estimate
Site visit to assess existing structure and noise type(s) needing to be blocked. Provide scope, product, and accurate estimate. Estimate fee is credited back on projects if a bid is accepted.
Injection Foam
2x4 cavity Drill and fill with injection foam R18 and insert tapered foam plug. $500 covers up to 100 square feet 2x4 or 2x6 walls. Additional square footage billed on site at $2.00/square foot.

Our Staff

Fiberglass Truck
Please allow parking for a 30 foot long box truck. A large gas powered vacuum is located inside of it which sucks out all the existing insulation material. There should be a path to the work area free of debris and obstructions.
Injection Foam Truck
Spray Foam Truck