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OUR VALUES "For us, producing the highest quality professional hair care available is simply not enough. John Paul Mitchell Systems is (and always will be) dedicated to making our world a more beautiful place. We were the first professional beauty company to stand up against animal testing and our charitable efforts continue to set the standard for giving in our industry. A commitment to caring for people and the planet is a driving force in everything we do."
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Our Services

Root Touch-up
2 inches, or less, of regrowth colored to match the preexisting color found on mid-shaft (not ends).
Soild Hair Color
One overall color, from scalp to end.
Multi-Dimensional Color - Long Hair
This can be anything from Highlights to Lowlights and everything in between.
Multi-Dimensional Color - Short Hair
Multi-Dimensional Color (Women) This can be anything from Highlights to Lowlights and everything in between.
Blow Dry Style
Smoothed and styled with a round brush and blow dryer.
Ironworks - Curling/Flat Iron
Flat iron or curling with service
KeraTriplex Treatment
KeraTriplex® Treatment combines proven performance that works to reduce hair breakage by 80% with the ability to hydrate and add silky shine. Transform weak, broken and brittle strands into stronger, more resilient hair.
Custom Hair Treatment
*Master Stylists are professionals with the most amount of experience in the salon.
Temporary Color Rinse
Demi-permanent color on healthy hair will last 6-8 weeks (cannot lighten hair).
Formal Style
Updo for a wedding or special event.
Permanent Wave
Corrective Color
Hair is to be set back to a single color (from scalp to end). This process may be required to be completed prior to any other color service. You may need to space chemical services out by days, or even weeks.
Promotional 12 Foils

Our Staff

Anthony Dynar
Lauren Peterson