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A complementary medical service, IV hydration and vitamin therapy is administered into the vein providing direct vitamin and nutrient therapy to the body. Treat fatigue, jet lag, hangover symptoms, cold and flu, the effects of migraine or other pain related ailments. IV hydration and vitamin infusion also can help with beauty and skin and athletic performance and recovery. This is an alternative complimentary medical practice.
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Our Services

Consultative Treatment
Don't know which IV Hydration package to choose? No problem! Schedule a consultative treatment to have one of our nurses come out to talk and recommend the most successful hydration therapy for your specific situation.
Hangover Rejuvenation/The Freshman
Long night out and need to replenish to make it through the day? This will rehydrate your body, and relieve pain and nausea associated with a hangover.
Athletic Recovery/ The Fifth Year Senior
Recovering from a long race or just depleted after a hard workout. Replenish with IV vitamins and minerals that relieve muscle cramps and muscle recovery and decrease pain! This is also great for tension headaches and migraines!
Pain/Migraines/Tension Headaches/The Fifth Year Senior + Calm Injection
This is an IV with Magnesium, Vitamins, and anti inflammatory. Followed with and IM injection to calm the body and aid in relaxation.
Immunity/Energy/Overall Boost/ The AllDay AllNighter
IV hydration packed with Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Glutathione. This is an overall body boost that improves energy, ability to fight illness, and optimize your general health. It also has great benefits for skin and beauty!
Anti Aging/ Metal Clarity/Immunity/ The Overachiever
This cocktail is tail is great for everything from general fatigue to hangover! All the essential vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and Amino Acids to boost your entire body!
Option 1: Weight Management/ Lipo -C Injection
One IM Injection of Lipo- C Weekly and 4 IV Sessions given one each month (15 week program) Improves liver health and increase metabolism, assist with weight loss and weight management.
Option 2: Weight Management/ Lipo - C (15 injections)
Limited Item!! 4 IV Sessions/ All Day All Nighter
This is for (4) IV All- Day All-Nighters Packed with Vitamin C, B Vitamins, & Glutathione This is great for the person who want to optimize their Health by hydrating on a regular basis. Most Sold Item !!
Party of 6-11 (15% off each IV)
Party of 12-20 (20% off each IV)
Hydrate your group for discounts
Flu Fighter
Vitamin C, Glutathione and B-Vitamins
LIpo C injection

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