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I love providing my clients with the most natural looking brows using the Microblading technique. What is Microblading? A more advanced technique of permanent make up. Using a feather stroke to enhance and/or fill in eyebrows which gives the client natural hair like strokes, making it hard to tell them apart from the actual brow hair. Minimize your daily routine of filling them in while being the envy of all your friends by upgrading to Queen status! Allow me to provide you with best brows. Located inside Salons By JC
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This technique adds natural appearance of fullness to sparse or thinning eyebrows creating hairlike strokes that make it difficult to detect from your own brow hair.
Microblading and manual shading or Ombre'.
Creating a faded looking eyebrow using Microblading and manual shading technique giving client more of a bold powder brow. Done with hand tool.
Nano Brows
A more advanced technique using a permanent makeup machine to create hairlike strokes which are longer lasting than microblading. Does Not include complimentary touch up.
Nano combination brows
This technique gives you the best of both worlds with hair like strokes and Ombré Powder all in one hybrid brow. This technique lasts longer than microblading however does NOT include complimentary touch up session. Takes 2.5 to 3.5 hours.
Ombré Powder Brows
Soft powdery brows! This brow gives more of a makeup appearance.
Combination Brows
Combination of hair strokes in the front of the brow and Ombré shading throughout the rest of the brow.
Monthly Special
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6-12 week Touch up
6-12 weeks post initial treatment to fill in missing section where pigment may have faded.
1 year-18 month Color Boost
This service is done approximately at the 12 month mark allowing clients to boost what they currently have without paying full price for the initial service again.
Color correction
This is and add on service. Corrects faded brow color before completing any of the techniques.
Scalp Micropigmentation
This technique is designed to provide the appearance of added fullness/thickness to thinning hair. Can be done on hairline as well as throughout scalp. Starting at $300 per session per 2" area.
3-11 Month color boost
This service is for those wanting to add a boost of color, keeping the same shape of their current brows.
Scalp patch test
Scalp micropigmentation 1 square inch patch test
Cover up/ shape correction
Cover up previous pmu.
Nano brow touch up
Touch up over nano brows.

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