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Brittani Gray/Hairkitchen

Brittani Gray, also known as Hairkitchen, is a traveling cosmetologist and instructor from Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a graduate of Central State University and Paul Mitchell the School. Brittani has combined her education in hair color and cutting techniques to create new styles and trends. From hair/scalp diseases to preserving healthy tresses, Hairkitchen will establish the best "hair" lifestyle for you.
10:00 AM - 6:30 PM
9:00 AM - 6:30 PM
12:00 PM - 8:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Open today until 6:30 PM

Our Services

New Guest Consultation (Mandatory for new clients)
Mandatory for new clients: Sit and speak with Brittani, one on one, about personal health and hair history to create a plan for your hair.
Bridal Consultation
Let’s chat about your dream looks for your very special day! Bring inspiration and pictures.
Color Correction Consultation
Blonde to Black and turned green or is the tone of your previous hair color not what you really wanted.
Mobile Hair Service
Hairkitchen stylist comes straight you for your styling service. For the guests on the go and needs their stylist right at their finger tips.
Wash & Style (Silk-press)
Wash, Condition, Blow dry, and Straighten hair "due to length and texture prices will increase"
Wash & Style (Natural Style)
Wash, Condition, Styling ( twists and/or braids with natural hair). Adding hair is extra. Braiding hair is not included.
Wig Wash & Style (Add with Serivce)
Wig will be washed air/hood dried and styled
Full Clipper Service
Haircut (clipper) and wash.
Clipper Service without Wash
Loc Retwist & Style
Wash, Retwist, Style. Prices vary due to length, condition, & styling
Wash, Conditon, Blowdry, Braid down, Style. Prices may vary due to style of crochet i.e. Senegalese twists, Soft wave, and Curly hair.Hair is not included.
Wash, Condition, Blow Dry, Braid down, Style. Prices may vary due to application of frontals, closures, and added bundles.Hair, frontals, and closures are not included.
Crochet/Sew-in Removal (Add with service)
Starter Locs (Consultation is needed)
Custom Wigs Consultation (Free)
Consultation Sizing 2 fittings Need at least 3 weeks to complete wig Does not include hair
Steam Treatment (Add with service)
The highest level of conditioning with protein and/or moisture masks.
Trim (Add with service)
One Base color to cover grays, enhance natural color, or create a conversation of neutral hues.
Partial Highlights (Add with service)
Color or lightener process to brighten up your hair cut or natural hair color.
Full Highlights (Add with service)
Hair for crochet

Our Staff

Brittani Gray