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Spraytopia Airbrush Tanning

Spraytopia Airbrush tanning offers a safe alternative to tanning beds and sun damage. We use only the finest all-natural solution, which provides a realistic glow, rather than turning the skin orange. It is our desire to make your spray tanning experience a comfortable and pleasant one. Please check out our facility centrally located inside Glow.
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Our Services

Custom Spray Tan
Provides an immediate golden tan appearance, it is recommended to leave solution on your skin a minimum of 6 hours after application so the product sets. Your tan is design to last approximately 7 to 10 days and with an even. Avoid getting wet or perspiring heavily while the tan is developing on the skin. Custom solution for you includes 2 coats. Finishing off with baby powder to set your tan. Please refer to on the FAQ page for prep information.
Express Custom Spray Tan
Faster developing formula that allows you to shower in 1-4 hours depending on the desired color, please note color will not fully show until after 12 hours of application. This solution provides an even fade of getting lighter and lighter. This solution allows you to get darker than the Regular custom tan. Custom solution for you includes 2 coats. Finishing off with baby powder to set your tan. Please refer to onthe FAQ page for prep information.
Add on: Glow Finishing Powder
Your spray tan comes with a complimentary talc-free baby powder application. But THIS! This is an add on in place of that baby powder with a more luxury feel. Allowing you to wear NORMAL clothes right after a spray tan. And Yes! Even white clothes! This powder is an all over application applied by hand. You will be dried and able to wear tight fitting clothes without having any bronzer rub off. The powder eliminates the post-spray sticky feeling, leaving your skin feeling silky soft with a beautiful shimmer or matte (your choice) look with a clean fresh scent. This is a definitely a MUST!
Add on: Prep Spray
Cleanse skin, removing sweat and oils to allow spray solution to adhere evenly and penetrate better. Even if you shower there can still be an invisible film on the skin from soap, shampoo and bath products, these things can create a barrier preventing the sunless tan from developing in certain areas. By adding a prep spray can help ensure that the skin is clean as possible and help prevent developmental issues from the skin not being primed and your tan will last longer! This does not omit your manual exfoliation prep. But with both combine does allow to have the best possible tan with following proper post care as well.
Add on: Golden or Subtle Touch
When our shimmer is added to the spray solution, it produces a glowing effect. These drops add a hint of color and shimmer to your sunless spray tan. While hydrating and giving the skin the added antioxidants it so deserves. You’ll be able to enjoy an extra day of Glow!

Our Staff

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