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Developing custom food plans for fast paced people is our specialty! Clients include busy professionals, casual & competitive athletes of all ages. Owned & operated by a registered dietitian. Traditional hours avail don't work? Contact Jennifer.
8:45 AM - 3:30 PM
8:45 AM - 3:30 PM
8:45 AM - 3:30 PM
8:45 AM - 3:30 PM

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Our Services

Healthy Weight Initial Nutrition Assessment
A detailed nutrition and health assessment are performed including past medical history, activity, eating history, weight history, lifestyle and food preferences. From this a customized nutrition plan is formulated. Body fat analysis and measurements are available to those interested for no additional cost. Two 30-minute follow up sessions are also included.
Nutrition Follow -Up
designed for those who have already purchased services and are scheduling a re-visit as part of a package.
Peak Performance Package
Designed for the casual and competitive athlete looking to gain an extra edge on athletic performance, while also learning to eat cleaner and healthier food in the process. Package includes is Resting Metabolic Rate test, Body Fat analysis, personal nutrition assessment and supplement assessment. Athlete will walk away with a personalized nutrition prescription and nutrient timing plan to fit specific goals centered around body composition and performance outcomes.
Nutrition in Motion Motivator Package
You are positive you know what to do but you need extra support and professional guidance on your journey. You will receive four 30-minute sessions designed to be done via phone, email or in person. New Clients $129 / Existing $119
Resting Metaboilc Rate Test
Learn the exact number of calories your body burns by getting your true "metabolic fingerprint." Perfect for athletes and individuals wanted to change body composition. Reading take about 10 minutes and the other 50 minutes are used to give nutrition guidelines to follow based you your reading. A print out and nutrition recs are provided. New Clients $85 / Existing $75
FREE Nutrition Coaching Session via phone
Never worked with a registered dietitian nutritionist before? Interested in learning how I can help? This is a great way to learn more and become better informed.
Body Fat Analysis
Get your percent body fat tested via bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA). Receive specific food and nutrition goals for decreasing body fat based on current reading and your individual goal. Arm, chest, waist, hip and leg measurements can be taken. Receive an additional body fat analysis and measurement re-check in 2-3 months. New Clients $45 / Existing $35
Supplement Analysis
Find out what you really need and don't! Schedule a call or come in to meet with Jennifer and discuss what supplements you should take and which ones are safe to eliminate.
Fitness Contest Nutrition Consultation
Record exercise, food and supplement intake for one week and Jen will analyze and give custom recommendations to allow for maximum contest results. MUST include name of approved participating gym when you book. Food and exercise logs must be received at least 48 hours in advance. Please record ALL food/beverage, the amount and time consumed. For activity, record type, duration and time of day the exercise was performed.

Our Staff

Jennifer DeWall