Glossy Girl Salon

Healthy Hair & Nail Salon Open 7 Days a Week Sunday and Monday by appointment Only!
8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Open today until 6:00 PM

Our Services

Shampoo/ Softwave/ Style
Relaxer/Retouch/ Style
Silk Press (Natrual Hair)
Shampoo/ Style
Virgin/Relaxer Style
Relaxer,Rinse, Style
Relaxer, Trim, Style
Relaxer,Cut, Style
Relaxer, Cut, Rinse, Style
Haircut Only
Full Permanent Color/Style
Permanent Color Retouch/Style
Partial Highlight/Style
Traditional Sew-In
Sew In Maintenance
Steam Conditioning Treatment
Sew In/ Frontal
Partial Sew In
Premium Quickweave
Brow Waxing
Faux Locs
Gel Shellac Polish Change
Gel Shellac Polish
Gel Shellac/Exfoliating Pedicure
Classic Manicure
Gel Removal
Box Braids
Polish Change (Nail or Feet
Exfoliating Pedicure
Classic Manicure/Exfoliating Pedicure
Relaxer/Long-Med Hair /Shamppo/Style
Med-Long Shampoo/Style
The Glam Sew-in
Diamond Silk Press
Diamond Silk Press (Natural or Relaxed Hair) Includes Avocado Shampoo & Conditioner infused with our Glossy Girl essential oil. Starting $50 (1hr30mins) varies length & textures
Peppermint Silk Press
Peppermint Silk Press (Natural or Relaxed Hair) Recommend for Dry & Itchy Scalp. Includes Peppermint Shampoo & Conditioner Style infused with Glossy girl essential oil. Starting $55 Times varies length & textures.
Glossy Girl Blow Dry Style
Glossy Girl Blow Dry Style Ponytails, Updos, or Quick Braid Styles (no extensions) Honey Creme Shampoo & Conditioner Infused with Glossy Girl Essential Oil. Starting $40 Times varies length & textures 1hr 30 mins
Glossy Girl Hair & Makeup
Glossy Girl Hair & Makeup Diamond Press, Peppermint Press, or Blow Dry Style. Includes your choice of Glossy Girl lipgloss to take home. Starting at $70
Glossy Crochet
Glossy Girl Crochet (Extension Hair not included) Oat and Protein Cleansing Shampoo and Almond Conditioner Style Starting $85 up.Times varies length and Textures 2hr 30mins
Glossy Girl Braid Styles
Glossy Girl Braid Styles (Hair extension not included) Honey Creme or Peppermint Shampoo & Conditioner Style. Starting $65 varies textures etc. 2hr 30 mins
Mommy & Me Hair Day
Mommy & Me Hair Day Includes (2) Duo Avocado or Peppermint Shampoo Conditioner Style Starting $100 varies Textures,length & style.
Mommy and Me Mani/Pedi only
Mommy and Me Mani/Pedi only Starting $100
Mommy & Me Spa Day
Mommy and Me Spa Day Services included Hair services Facials services Mani/Pedi Services Makeup Services Massage Services Please call booking and prices
Glossy Girl Makeup (4 & 12) Natural Face
Glossy Girl Make me up Includes Signature Glossy Girl lipgloss natural face starting $25
Glossy Girl Mommy Make up (16 &up)
Hello Mom, We didn’t leave you out. Full face including lashes. Including Glossy Girl lipgloss

Our Staff

Saneice Johnson
Teanna Mosley
Hairstylist and Makeup Artist
Tyeisha Dugger
Yolanda Turner Bartlett location 6303 Stage Rd.