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Air Quality, Mold and EMF assessments include scientific instrument readings along with accredited laboratory testing.
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Our Services

Phone Inquiry/Consult - 30 Minutes
Use this service if you are not sure what services would work best for you. An air quality consultant will call you to discuss your specific situation.
Air Quality Check - Commercial
Up to 6000 sq. ft. Labs are additional and billed separately.
Air Quality Check Residential
2000 square feet. Lab fees are additional and are due on the day of the visit. Includes Mold Testing (you can select any of the following: air, carpeting, bedding/mattress, under kitchen sink, surfaces, furnace ducts and furnace A-coil), analysis of household dust for allergens and irritants, gas leak check on fireplaces/stove/water heater/furnace/clothes dryer, carbon monoxide check, carbon dioxide measurements to establish ventilation rate, formaldehyde measurement, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), furnace and air conditioning check, heating ducts check, vacuum cleaner leakage test, thermal infrared imaging scan of walls and ceilings, and EMF check).
Mold Check - Commercial
Up to 6000 sq ft
Mold Check Residential
Mold inspection for all levels of a home up to 2000 sq. ft. Lab fees are additional.
Mold Testing - One Room Only
Assessment of area for mold contamination, collect air and/or surface samples or swabs for lab analysis. Lab fees are additional.
Mold Inspection - Basement Only (labs not included)
Assess Basement for mold contamination. Collect air and/or surfaces samples for lab analysis. Lab Fees are additional.
Air Quality Check - One Room only
Assess air quality and collect air quality parameters with scientific instrumentation in one room or office. Lab fees not included.
Air Quality Check - Additional Sq. Footage
For homes larger than 2000 sq ft, each additional square foot is $.10 (10 cents)
Mold DNA Test
This test provides information about the 15 most common mold species found in water damaged buildings. This test uses DNA testing (the same technology used for ERMI testing) to identify molds in household dust. A dust sample is collected and sent to the lab. Results are known in 7 to 10 business days. You can collect the dust from your home or a technician can collect for you (additional fee).
This is an EPA- developed test that looks at mold DNA in dust collected from carpeting and produces a score called an ERMI Score. Includes 2 collections of dust as required per protocol plus lab fees and shipping.
EMF assessment - First hour
Checks for Electric & Magnetic fields, Stray Voltage (Dirty Electricity), RF (Radio Frequencies or Microwave Radiation) from cell towers, routers and other wireless appliances. current on water pipes and body voltage.
EMF Assessment - Second Hour
Additional time for EMF instrumentation readings
Formaldehyde Test: Immediate Instrument Reading
This test collects air in a specific area with a Formaldehyde meter. The meter will report the Formaldehyde level in the specific area. Good for checking laminate flooring, new furniture, newly painted areas, new carpeting, etc.
Mold Mycotoxins Test
Laboratory test which uses ELISA technology to identify mold mycotoxins in household dust. Especially important for Lyme patients and individuals who have a genetic marker preventing them from properly processing mold toxins.
Laboratory: Allergen Testing
Using ELISA methodology, the lab can look for abnormal levels of allergens for mouse, rat, cat, dog, cockroach and/or dust mites. Price stated is per individual allergen. Test requires collection of household dust. Alternatively, you can provide dust from your vacuum.
Laboratory: Dust Analysis - Each
Can be used to test bedding, carpets, air or surface. Lab report includes fibers, mites, insect parts, pollen, drywall dust, concrete dust, soot, etc.
Laboratory: Formaldehyde Test
For this test, an air sample is collected in a tube and submitted to a chemistry lab for analysis. The lab provides a report with the level of formaldehyde contained in the air sample. Turn around time is approx. 5 business days.
Laboratory: Mold Test -Each
Can be used in conjunction with a mold assessment to test the air, carpeting, furniture surfaces, or bedding for mold. Lab will detail the quantities of mold spores for each species of mold found in the sample.
Laboratory: VOC Scan
For this test, the technician collects an air sample for at least 2 hours then submits to the lab for analysis. The lab reports what Volatile Organic Compounds were recovered from the air sample.
Phone Consult
Phone Consultation with Martine Davis, BBEC, Certified Building Biologist.
Phone Consult
Phone Consultation with Martine Davis, BBEC, Certified Building Biologist
1-week Radon Monitor Rental
Rent a state-of-the-art Digital Radon monitor for your home or office for 1 week. $200 Deposit. $49/week.
DIY Mold Test Equipment Rental
Equipment rental to conduct mold testing yourself. Lab fees not included. Rental price is for one week.

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