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Rachel J Biestman/Maq & Mane

Artisan Makeup and Hairstyling. Davines exclusive. Serving since 2006. Currently taking appointments in Salon Surreal.
4:30 PM - 8:30 PM
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Open today until 5:00 PM

Our Services

Haircut + shampoo/blowout
A one hour service appointment. Craft haircut and blowout with a courteous nod to hairdressing. Simple smoothing or gentle curling rounds out the appointment. Add $10 for extra hair.
Simple trim
Craft haircut only. no additional heat styling will be used. great for men or women with shorter hairstyles who regularly visit the salon.
Simple color
Simple root retouch, 1" or less. Price is based on a 75 gram mixture. Extra color is $.50 a gram. A craft haircut can be added at the time of the appointment for an additional $24.
Multi-diminsional color
Foils, balayage, foil-iage... whatever you want to call it! We will discuss your desired results during the consultation and give it a go! Set price is based on a 75 gram mixture. Add $.50 per additional gram. Please note a craft haircut can be added at the time of service for an additional $24
Big change color
If you want to be "a lot" blonder, or haven't been to a salon in a year, or know you want a "big" change, this one is for you! Pricing and expectations will be fully discussed during the consultation at the start of your appointment. Please note a craft haircut can be added at the time of the appointment for $24.
Add on base lift
Add a base lift to your highlight service or haircut between highlights to brighten your natural level. for that blonde-on-blonde look!
Add on Circle Chronicles
Circle Chronicles are a 10-minute treatment from Davines that can address a plethora of hair problems. Your hair will feel and look immediately better!
Add on "bowliage"
"Bowliage" is a blonding procedure that happens right at the shampoo bowl. During this service we hand-paint highlights around the hairline for a sun-kissed glow. Add-on to a haircut or simple color service for an extra punch of brightness!
Add on toner
Want that ashy hue? A toner is an absolute must! Add a toner onto any highlight service for a soft, pastel effect.
Shampoo with craft blowout. finish with smoothing or simple curl. Add $10 for extra hair.
Makeup application
A one-hour makeup application using a lovingly curated collection of professional makeup products. Strip or drop lashes included in price.
Formal hairstyling
Get ready to shine in a formal style that will party all night! Half-up, up-dos, and combination braiding are included in this category.
Extension installation
Bridal Preview
A two-hour "working appointment" when we try out different styles and makeup applications for your wedding day! Not meant to be used for portraits or engagement photo shoots. Extra time charged at $60/hour
Brow shaping

Our Staff

Rachel Biestman