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Master stylist 20 years and counting! Specializing in Percision haircuts and corrective color!
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Our Services

Woman's above ear cut
Price varies with density of hair
Woman's cut ears to chin
Price varies due to density of hair
Woman's cut chin down
Any length chin and below
Root touch up 4-6 weeks grow out
Roots only no foils
Root touch up more than six week growth
Price will increase $10 per extra bowl of color for extra grow out.
Partial weave
Roots with foils
All over gloss
Balayage or color melt
Full weave
Double process color
Sometimes we need to Balayage or weave to lift the pigment out and then apply an all over color to get the effect we want. Anytime we do several steps of color this is considered a double process. In these processes, I always add Olaplex at no charge!!!
Hair smoothing
Consultation required
Hair extension consultation
Hair extension first install
This price does not include the hair
Hair extension reinstall
Hair extensions need to be reinstalled every 6 to 8 weeks. This process entails taking the extensions out, preparing the extensions for reinstall, and reinstalling. The price depends on how many pieces of hair reinstalled.
Men's cut
Kids cut
Bleach and tone
This service often takes longer than you would think many people who have bleach and tone, like their hair platinum which requires the bleach to sit on the hair for a much longer time than most any other color. In some cases it is necessary to apply a second application to get the base color exactly where it needs to be. And then tone.
Corrective color consultation
Correcting color takes time please schedule a consultation so that I may properly analyze the situation before scheduling out time in the salon. Thx!

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