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Our Services

Lactation Consult, in person
Paid in person is $150.- (Cash or check) Online booking has a $5 fee. When booking an appointment, please provide your address and email, a short description of your breastfeeding troubles and your baby's name and date of birth. Thank you much, and I look forward to meeting you!
Lactation Phone Consult
When booking a phone consult, please provide a short description of your concerns and your baby's name, date of birth and any siblings. Thank you much and I look forward to speaking with you!
Coaching Session
Energy Healing ~ Reiki, Tuning Forks
Aromatherapy Consult
During this meeting we will discuss what your individual health goals are and how Essential Oils can play a role in reaching these goals. We will perform a biofeedback scan (hold a small device in your hand for 1-2 minutes) that will assist us in choosing the preferred oils.
AromaTouch® Technique
Restoring with Essential Oils. Discounted to $25,- for dōTERRA wellness advocates currently actively engaged on my team bringing their own Essential Oils. Please text me for details.
AromaTouch® Technique with Energy Healing

Our Staff

Loes Lindsay-Schotman
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