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***BY APPOINTMENT ONLY microblading & semipermanent makeup licensed tattoo artist, certified in Academy S ,Dutch Art Ave., PrincessBrow & Soft Tap® semipermanent makeup techniques, certified in CryoClear therapy Makeup service available on location Lavish Lash extensions Lash lift & tinting ,brow architecture & more
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Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology to stimulate the body's natural healing process to tone, tighten & lift as well as treating fine lines, wrinkles & crepey skin. The effects improve gradually & vary from person to person. It is a safe noninvasive treatment cleared by the FDA requiring no aftercare or downtime. The procedure takes 60-90 minutes depending on the areas of the body treated. Ultherapy is suitable for anyone desiring a natural solution to moderate skin laxity or even well suited for a younger client who wants to stave off the inevitable signs of aging without cosmetic surgery. Pricing is very reasonable & varies... please inquire & we will forward our Ultherapy price list to you.
consultation for eyebrow microblading or permanent makeup
a confidential complimentary consultation for any microblading or semi permanent make up procedure
eyebrow microblading or permanent makeup 2hrs
realistic hairstroke microblading for eyebrows with or without shading $550, or soft ombré powder brows $600. eyeliner, lips, corrective procedures & camouflage work prices TBD upon consultation
semi permanent eyeliner
semi permanent upper or lower eyeliner Upper eyeliner $300 Lower eyeliner $250 Upper & lower $500 Enhance, line & full lip blush $450 ombre lipliner & blend $400 Camouflage & correction TBD upon consultation/ starting @ $200
semi permanent makeup lip
ombré lip or full lip blush $550
semi permanent correction or camouflage procedures
semi permanent corrective procedures or camouflage work to be determined upon consultation pricing starts at $200
semi permanent makeup followup
performed 5 to 8 weeks after original service the first followup appt. after original service within this timeframe is included in price. A second followup may be scheduled 5-8 weeks late for a fee. It is not included in original price that fee is $175. all followups & refreshes are a single service.
semi permanent second followup
a second followup may be scheduled between 5-8 weeks after original followup for $175 , if its longer than 8 weeks since your last followup it will be priced as a refresh... these are single services, no followup included.
microblading/permanent makeup refresh
All microblading or spmu brows are priced as follows: 3-6 month refresh $150 6-9 month refresh $200 9-11 month refresh $250 12+ month refresh $300 beyond 12 month refresh $350 or discounted 10% of original procedure depending on service.
eyebrow henna brow tint with tattoo effect
Natural vegan brow tint with tattoo effect for the ultimate temporary solution to perfect brows. Free of lead, ammonia & hydrogen peroxide. An array of luxurious color choices are available from pale blonde to black & everything in between lasting up to 6 weeks. Test drive your microblading, tide yourself over between microblading refreshes, or as a stand alone service.
brow tinting
enhance your natural brows with rich color available in light brown, medium brown, dark brown & black or lighten a dark brow if you prefer
brow architecture
groom, tweeze and or wax plus fill & shape
lash tinting
make your eyes pop with deep rich colored lashes available in rich brown, black, blue/ black & violet Pair this service with a lash lift for extra drama
lash lift
put a curl in your lashes to last for 2-3 months pair this service with tinting or a lash lift for extra drama
lash extensions glamilashcious
a full set of eyelash extensions customized for you
lash extensions demilashcious
a smattering of lash extensions for a demure look
lash extension fill
done 2-2&1/2 weeks after last eyelash extension service fee is $65 if fill is performed after 3 weeks from original service it is priced according to lash loss
make up application
a full makeup application including optional airbrush & temporary lashes in atelier price $100 on location price starts at $175
make up tutorial
A full makeup application with 3 looks, cosmetic & skincare product edit with product suggestions as well as an easy chart to follow to create all 3 looks . optional personal shopping services available starting at $200
Special request
How may I help? Special requests apply to any service in studio or on location pricing & time booked vary to accommodate your needs starting at 1 hour +
CryoClear therapy
A safe, effective & quick treatment of sun spots, age spots & skin tags $65 per area treated
skinny wraps
While getting another service why not let me wrap you in a natural herbal wrap that will make you look slimmer & firm your skin. Wraps may be applied to multiples areas i.e. tummy, thighs, arms, neck, etc. $35 per treatment area

Our Staff

glenna franklin
Licensed tattoo artist, fully insured, Certified in Academy S, Dutch Art Avenue., Princess Brows & Soft Tap semi permanent makeup techniques. please visit: www.permanentmakeupct,com Master makeup artist, well versed in all aspects of beauty photography, television & film. please visit: enquiries: :