Primal Performance Spine & Sport

at Primal Performance Spine and Sport we believe that every human should be able to move through time and space without pain or limitation. Dr. Maltese is a Chiropractic Physician who uses the most effective soft tissue treatments to ensure that his patients are not only without pain, but also are living their lives to their highest capacity!
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Our Services

New Patient Appointment
A thorough History will be taken followed by a; neurological, orthopedic and functional examination will be performed to properly obtain and accurate diagnosis of your condition.
Followup Treatment
These treatments are designed to continue to treat the problem area or for maintenance.
New Nutritional Consultation
Sit down and meet with Dr. Maltese to help create a personalized one on one Nutrition plan that will help change your life! Whatever your goals are; losing weight, increased energy, decreased anxiety and stress etc. Dr. Maltese will help you meet those goals!
Followup Nutritional Consult
These are follow up visits to go over any changes or improvements with the nutritional plan. These are set up to continue to advance the gains and benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

Our Staff

Dr Natasha Maltese
Dr. Joseph Maltese