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So You Boutique

Specializing in airbrush tanning, eyelash extensions, laser teeth whitening, Chinese Face Reading, and energy clearings.
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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Our Services

Full Body Spray Tan
A professional technician airbrushes you for a customized tan. All prep is in the tanning section of
Eyelash Extensions-Fullset
Glamorous natural looking lashes in 2 hours! 50-75 eyelashes per eye.
Teeth Whitening- 2 treatments in 1 session
4-14 shades brighter in less than 1 hour. Please eat before because you cannot eat for 2 hours. DO NOT brush your teeth 3 hours prior because it can cause gum abrasion.
Teeth Whitening-3 treatments in 1 session
4-14 shades brighter in less than 1.5 hrs. Please eat before because you cannot eat for 2 hrs after the service. Do NOT brush your teeth 3 hrs prior because it could cause gum abrasion.
Eyelash Extensions-relash
For clients who already have lashes. Price may vary depending on condition of lashes.
Energetic Clearing
Can be done in person or remotely. Energetic clearings of your 5 Elements and a spiritual cleanse. Read more on other types of clearings in our Energy Clearing Section of
Space Clearing
Space clearings can be done for homes or business' Prices vary depending on size and location. We will call you to discuss details and give you an estimate.
Chinese Face Reading
The answers aren't in the stars, it's in your hidden in your face! Your face shows how you lived, your "super-powers," challenges, and what your soul needs to be happy. A face reading can open doors for you to choose a more authentic life waiting for you, improve relationships, find more purpose, and so much more. It gives you tools to change your life and understand where in the cycles of time you are suppose to be.
Rapid Full Body Tan
Our full body tan with the RAPID solution so you can shower in 2 hrs
Half Body Tan
You can choose which half you would like to tan.
Mobile Spray Tan
A technique comes to you for your full body tan. Prices vary depending on location.

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