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Medical Massage Therapy in Home. - The distance up to 15 miles from zip 60561 no fee. - The distance between 15 - 25 miles $10 extra charge. Medical massage focus on improving circulation, reducing stress, and recovering from injury. This is usually done through lessening the stress on nerves and reducing pressure from tense muscles on the bones. Medical massage can also improve your movement range as it opens up space around the joints so they can freely move. Improving blood flow can help to treat swollen joints, and reduce swelling caused by arthritis. Treating these types of conditions will improve your quality of life dramatically as it will improve your range of motion and your ability to enjoy pain-free life.
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Manual Therapy
Manual Therapy (medical massage) is a mix of manipulations which direct a quick healing process to orthopedic or neurological illnesses, and their associated discomfort. Medical massage help for reduction of, and management of pain requires a different type of frequency.
Back-To-Back Manual Therapy
This service offers medical massage for two consecutive clients/patients. What’s better than receiving a top-notch professional massage and feeling thoroughly relaxed, calm and rejuvenated afterwards? Sharing the experience with a friend or significant other.
Swedish Massage
This method includes the manipulation of tissue through focused movement from the hands. The goal of this massage is to improve blood circulation, relieve muscle pain and pressure, as well as increase the durability of the limbs. Due to inactive tendencies of the contemporary man, the most sought after variation of this therapy is back massage with the combination of light massage on the upper and lower limbs.
Back-To-Back Swedish Massage
This service offers medical massage for two consecutive clients/patients. Swedish massage uses firm but gentle pressure to promote relaxation, ease muscle tension and create other health benefits. It is a classic massage that will ease your stress and allow you to slip into a calm state of relaxation.

Our Staff

Alfred is a Manual Therapist/European professional (more than 25 years of medical experience). He provides medical massage, manual therapy, and physiotherapy. Currently working in Northstar Integrated Health & Physical Medical Center, and also dose outcalls, in interest of his patents's convenience. ​