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Vallyn Hair & permanent makeup (inside Sola Salons)

Hair services ~permanent makeup~natural cosmetics
10:00 AM - 5:30 PM
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Our Services

Weekend booking available for full price paying customers only. (NO DISCOUNT OR DEALS OFFER). You can use this time block for consultation for other services.
Japanese straightening
Semi lash extensions-FULL SET
cluster lash extensions, best for short term wearing, special occasions, lasts 3 days to 2 weeks.
Semi Lash Extensions RETOUCH
If your lashes are half on and half still remain (50%), if most of them off please book for full set of semi.
Microblade eyebrows/ hairstroke brows
Semi-Permanent Tattoo, implanted ink with a micro-blade imitating hair-like. Creating natural blended brows like your own hair. For samples look. Please go online to check out gallery page.
Microblade retouch
follow up appointment to perfect your microbladed brows
Permanent/individual lash extensions -FULL SET
Long-term lash extensions, looks the most natural, enhancing your lashes with mink/silk lashes to lengthen, thicken lashes. Require retouch every 3-4 weeks.
Individual/permanent lash-RETOUCH
permanent lash retouch with mink and silk lashes create comfortable and natural, feels like your own lashes
100% natural (no chemical injection. Great ways to stimulate collagen grows, helps reduce dark spot from acne, scars, acne scars, large pores, acne, wrinkles, black/white heads and improve overall skin condition. Special monthly rate 150/session, new customer $200, See examples and learn more
women haircut
Short haircut 60, long hair 60
Brow wax
Brow wax + brow color
Root color and style
retouch on regrowth only, full head color will be $80, Olaplex $20 root, $40 whole head
Wash and blow dry
extra long/thick hair please book haircut appt. for extra time needed.
Partial hilight and style
3/4 of the head hilight/low light. Toner additional $30, Olaplex 20 for root. 40 for full treatment.
Full Hilight and style
Full head hilight/low light and style. Additional for toner $30, option to add Olaplex to prevent hair damaged $20, full treatment 40
Eyeliner tattoo-upper and lower
Follow up service for eyeliner to prefect your eyeliner tattoo included in the price. You can have natural lash enhancement look or full eyeliner makeup look
Eyeliner tattoo or retouch -top $210 or bottom only $185
ombre/balayage w/Olaplex
extra long and thick hair please book full hilight. Includes toner and Olaplex to minimize chemical damaged and repair hair structure.
Full head color/all over color and style
color from root to ends
Brazilan Blowout/Keratin Treatment
Magical frizz control and helps to straighten hair with protein treatment. Helps strengthen and repairs damaged hair from over processed hair.
Men Haircut
Shaded Brows Tattoo/powder/ombre-1st visit
Shaded brows tattoo: Traditional solid tattoo brows, Powder: soft light background filled Ombre: gradual light front to darker mid to end visual visit:
Shaded brows tattoo-RETOUCH
this is second visit appointment to perfect the brows shade/shape.
Up-do's (without wash)
special occasions hair do's for events; weddings, prom or any occasions.
Lip Tattoo-RETOUCH
Natural/Saline Tattoo Removal
Removing tattoo with saline using the same techniques as tattoo to draw out ink from the dermal level to the surface forming scabs and falls out. Gentle ways to remove tattoo without the risk of burning or damage skin.
Chemical peel
Benefits: *Improves skin by removing top layers of your skin *Creates smooth skin *Lightens; acne scars, wrinkles and dark spot
Lash color
darken your own lashes
scar camouflage
blend scar with tattoo techniques to cover scar visual:
Olaplex treatment (hair resconstruction treatment)
Olaplex helps to strengthening damaged hair, can be use while color process to rebuild hair structure and prevent damaged, breakage and dry.
*Remove fuzzy facial hair * Exfoliate dead skin Result in smooth and hair free face.
Dermal filler (collagen+hyaluronic acid)
Injection hyaluronic Acid and collagen into fine lines and wrinkles to eliminate wrinkles naturally.

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