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Dr. Liz Powell is a psychologist who works with people who feel like the regular dating world doesn't fit for them. She helps them learn how to tap into their authentic selves to create relationships that are their unique perfect fit and that make them feel worthy and deserving of love exactly how they are. There are no right or wrong relationship styles, just ones that work for us or don't. Dr. Liz is also a decorated veteran with 5 years service as an Army Psychologist and one tour in Afghanistan. In work with clients, Dr. Liz is queer, non-monogamy, and kink-affirming. Her approach to therapy and coaching is highly strengths based and values centering the client's needs and goals. She combines techniques from CBT, mindfulness, and evidence based therapies to create a customized treatment plan optimized for each client. Most of all, Dr. Liz delights in working with those who consider themselves outsiders, burners, queerdos, misfits, and badasses.
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