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Our Services

Notary Service for Signature
Simple notarization for signatures are $3.00 per signature. If witnesses are required for your document, you must provide your own. By law, a notary may not serve as a witness and notary for the same document. If witnesses are required for your document, the fee is $3.00 per signature for each signer and each witness.
Notary Service for Certified Copy
Simple notarization of document attesting that it is an exact, true copy of the original document are $3.00 per copy certified.
Real Estate Closing or Loan Paperwork
Real Estate Closing or Loan Paperwork of ANY KIND OR LENGTH is a flat $45.00 for all notarizations and walk through with client of the paperwork.
Notarization of Will Documents
Notarization Will documents in Kansas REQUIRES TWO WITNESSES. They must not benefit in any way from the Will. You must bring your own witnesses! The fee is the usual $3.00 PER signature for BOTH the signer of the Will AND the witnesses.
Notarization of Power of Attorney
Notarization of a Power of Attorney may or may not require witnesses. Check yours before arrival so you know. We cannot provide witnesses if needed, so you must provide your own. The fee is the usual $3.00 per signature notarized, including BOTH the main signers of the document AND witnesses, if needed.
Notarization of Medical Directive
Notarization of a Medical Directive may or may not require witnesses. Check your form before arrival to be sure. If you require witnesses, you must provide your own as we cannot do so here. The fee is the usual $3.00 PER signature notarized for BOTH the signer of the Medical Directive and the witnesses, if any are needed.
OCI Completion
The completion of the OCI paperwork for India is time-consuming. We are pleased to have been completing such notary acts for OCI cards for the past eight years! Our fee is the regular $3.00 per signature notarized. For children requiring fingerprinting, PLEASE DO NOT DO IT YOURSELF! We are specially trained to take fingerprints and have a special fingerprinting ink pad! Best of all, our fingerprinting is FREE for OCI applicants!
I-9 Form Completion
We can certify and attest the documentation required for employment eligibility in the United States on the I-9 Card. Complete the card except for the document check area. Bring it and documentation proving work eligibility with you. Your proof must be original documents. Copies are not acceptable!
Mobile Notary Service (WE come to YOU!)
Mobile Notary Service is available to any address within Overland Park ONLY. The flat fee includes time, travel, and all notarizations necessary. Not available for Real Estate paperwork, closings, or other services available only in-site. Please see our website for details. IMPORTANT! When reserving an appointment, you MUST provide us with the location for the appointment, room number and patient name (if hospital or facility), as well as the type of document that is being notarized BY INCLUDING THIS INFORMATION IN THE “Appointment Notes” BOX ON THE RESERVATION FORM! PLEASE NOTE: Your automated confirmation email will state your appointment is confirmed for our office address. IGNORE THAT! We will meet you where you specify in the “Appointment Notes” box.

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