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Our Services

The Indigo Lyft
A custom non-surgical facelift and total facial rejuvenation using different fillers, toxin, PDO threads, and other cosmetic procedures. This is a custom service based on the clients needs and goals. If you've seen the incredible total facial transformations on my IG, THIS is what they had done. Total face snatched!
Lip filler
This is an appointment for lip filler only. At the visit, I will decide what filler is best for you based on your goals. Price is based on the filler you want. Price ranges from $550-625. Please refer to our service list for accurate pricing.
Tear trough filler (eye filler)
this is for an eye filler appt to fill in the tear troughs. I will decide what is the best filler for you once I see you at the office.
Nasolabial fold Filler (laugh lines)
This appt is for filler to the nasolabial folds.
Cheek Filler
this appt is for cheek filler appt. At the visit i will decide what filler is best for you depending on your goals. I either use Lyft or Radiesse. Please read FAQs on filler information. If you know what you want, specify in the comments when you book your appt. Price is based on the filler you want. Lyft is $600/per syringe and Radiesse 1.5ml is $750.
Botox only
this appt is for botox or Xeomin Price varies on number of units used ( I do not charge per area). We typically use Xeomin in our office unless you specify what product you want to use. Please refer to our service list on website for accurate pricing.
Non-surgical Rhinoplasty
This appointment is for a non-surgical rhinoplasty using filler. I typically use either restylane lyft or voluma. Please keep in mind thatif you want Voluma, the price is $800.
Chin Augmentation
This appt is for a chin augmentation using filler. Please read FAQs on filler information. Please be aware that it takes more than one syringe to achieve dramatic results. We work one syringe at a time and we gradually build. Price is per syringe of radiesse 1.5ml
Add on service
If you already picked your appt and want more filler or botox, please add this appt to add time for additional treatment. For example if you want your lips done and youve picked that appt but also want your cheeks done, pick this option to add more time and specify in comments your add-on service.
microneedling (face)
full face microneedling session
The Perfect Peel
this appt is for a peel only.
Aquagold facial
full face custom Aquagold facial
appt for sclerotherapy using Asclera 1%.This appt is for both your legs. Don't forget your moderate compression stalkings to your appt!
Kybella for chin fat reduction
this appt is for lipotropic injections for chin fat removal using deoxycholic acid aka Kybella
Kybella for Body fat
This service is for off-label Kybella to permanently remove small areas of localized fat such as the bra fat, flanks, small stomach fat, saddlebags. Price varies on location and size.
B12 shot
this slot is for a B12 shot only
MICC kit consult and 1st injection
this appt slot is for the administration of weight loss injection in office and for a tutorial on how to self administer if you have been prescribed a MICC kit by me. The kit is a 6 week cycle and must be self administered 2 times a week.
You MUST email Zoe when making this appt. Sculptra has to be prepaid because has to be mixed and prepped 24hrs prior and must be used. Please see services menu on website regarding accurate pricing for sculptra. Price varies depending on the number of vials needed.
Bellafill for Nasolabial folds
the 5 year filler! Typically need one syringe per side
Bellafill for Rolling acne scars
you must be cleared by Zoe that you indeed have rolling acne scars and are a good candidate for Bellafill.
Microneedling for Scars
This is for small liposuction scars OR breast surgery scars OR a tummy tuck scar. Each area is $150. Tummy tuck scars are $200
PRP for Scars
This is for PRP injections and needling of surgical scars such as tummy tuck or breast lift scars
Dissolve Filler (Hyluronidase)
Got a bad filler job and need it dissolved? Book this appointment. Price is based on one area of filler removal.
PDO threadlift (mid & lower face)
Mid and lower face thread lift using PDO threads.
PDO threads for chin
This is an add on service to help stimulate collagen and smoothness to the affected area. This procedure is not meant for loose-saggy skin under the chin or neck.
PDO thread lipliner
PDO threads that help to define the borders of the lips. This is an extra add on for lip filler. This service does not add volume to lips.
PDO laugh line threads
insert 2 PDO threads to the laugh lines to allow stimulation of collagen to the area. This is an ADD ON post filler treatment to that area of post PDO facelift. This procedure alone will not correct the laugh lines. must be used in conjunction with filler.
PDO eyebrow lift
this appt if for a PDO eyebrow lift using Novathreads dissolvable sutures.
Y-LIFT non-surgical facelift As seen on Dr. Oz and multiple magazines, I am one of 80 providers in the country to be certified to do this procedure. The results are facelift quality results without going under the knife! The YLIFT is all done with Juvederm Ultra plus and Voluma. We use an average of 10-14 syringes total! check out for before and afters.

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