Please be aware that I am in between Maryland and NYC and have the schedule open for certain dates. Please choose the correct location and dates available for each location.
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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Our Services

botox only
this appt is for botox only. $13/unit
botox and 1 filler
appt for botox and 1 filler only
2 fillers
1 filler only
this is for one filler appt only.
microneedling with PRP
microneedling face, scalp, or other areas that requires extra time when we need to draw your blood for PRP. After microneedling, the PRP is injected via microdroplet injection technique back into the skin.
The Perfect Peel
this appt is for a peel only.
Aquagold facial
this appt slot is for an aquagold facial only
appt for sclerotherapy using Asclera 1%.This appt is for both your legs. Don't forget your moderate compression stalkings to your appt!
Chin fat reduction
this appt is for lipotropic injections for chin fat removal using deoxycholic acid and phosphatydlcholine.
B12 shot
this slot is for a B12 shot only
MICC kit consult and 1st injection
this appt slot is for the administration of MICC in office and for a tutorial on how to self administer if you have been prescribed a MICC kit by me.
PDO threadlifting
Bellafill for Nasolabial folds
the 5 year filler! Typically need one syringe per side
Bellafill for Rolling acne scars
you must be cleared by Zoe that you indeed have rolling acne scars and are a good candidate for Bellafill. Bellafill for this condition can take 2-5 syringes for full treatment.

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