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Je'LeNae Medical Spa is now open in Gilbert. Our board certified medical provider and staff are here to help you achieve your long term goals. Whether you want to lose weight and get on the road to a healthier lifestyle, or want healthier skin and a more youthful appearance, let us use our expertise to help you reach your goals. We always provide a free consult and work with you to obtain the outcomes you want to achieve.
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Our Services

Weight loss consult
A free and thorough review of your healthcare history, and weight loss goals as well as a review of our weight loss programs. Our goal is your long term weight loss success.
Skin Care consult
Let us use our skin care expertise to help you develop a customized skin care treatment plan that will keep your skin health, youthful, and beautiful. Schedule your free consult today.
Acne Consult
Our provider takes a customized approach to your acne treatment regimen by doing a thorough review of your acne history. We offer a wide variety of treatment options, including skin care treatments, medication management, and daily skin care products to help you on the road to clearer skin and help reduce acne scars. Our initial acne consult includes a complete acne kit ($200 value) to get you started on a daily skin care regimen.
Customized to each individual Botox and Dysport are safe, effective and predictable way to get rid of wrinkles by temporarily weakening the muscles below the wrinkles. Great for frown lines, crow's feet and other problem spots with areas. Book your free consult. Price: $9.00/unit
Juvederm® Voluma® XC
A FDA-approved hyaluronic acid filler that can instantly improve mid-face age related volume loss with results lasting as long as 2 years. In studies, most people reported looking up to 5 years younger after 6 months. Customized to each individual, come in for a free consult. Prices start at $600.
Juvederm® Ultra XC
Juvederm® is a hyaluronic acid filler that is great to give instant restoration/enhancement to the lips and other areas of the face including areas around the mouth, and nasolabial folds. Prices start at $450
Kybella is a FDA approved series of injections that will safely and effectively dissolve the unwanted fat below your chin.
Chemical Peels
Our safe and effective medical grade PCA chemical peels (the gold standard in chemical peels) are topically applied acids that rejuvenate and restore the skin surface by removing superfical layers of dead skin. Peels can be superficial, medium or deeper peels based on your skin type, sensitivity, and desired outcomes.
A collagen building treatment that uses a series of small needles to induce a controlled injury to the skin at the dermal/epidermal junction while simultaneously infusing serums that will brighten, clarify, rejuvenate, and hydrate the skin. This will lead to a softer, smoother, skin surface while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
Using a specialized surgical blade to manually exfoliate the top layer of skin. Great for acne scars, small wrinkles and for removing superficial vellus hairs. Great to pare with a signature facial for additional $30.
Microderm Abrasion
A fine, or coarse mechanical abrasive pad and vacuum designed to remove dead and damaged skin cells revealing fresh and invigorated skin.
Ultimate Facial
This all-inclusive treatment includes dermaplaining, chemical peel/microderm abrasion, microneedling, and LED photo therapy for the ultimate in achieving long term results.
Our therapeutic PCA skin masks/facials are designed to re-texturize, hydrate, and revitalize your skin. They are great for anti-aging and aging skin, as well as for acne treatment/breakouts.

Our Staff

Don Pohl
Don Pohl PA-C, MBA is a board certified physician assistant with over 20 years of medical experience, including aesthetics training, Botox®/Dysport® certification as well as PCA skin care certification.
Hailey Calleja
Hailey Calleja, MA has 8 years of medical experience in primary care and Ob/GYN, practicing with board certified medical providers and with special training in aesthetic skin procedures, and PCA skin care certified.