The Nail Society

As of February 2019, I am booked the month of February and March. Online booking is turned off. Will open up to book April soon! Thank you for the continued support! Tabby

Our Services

Moisturizing Foot Mask Add-On
Acrylic Dip Powder
Available both In Studio - Humble + Houston Cuticle Maintenance will be performed with this service to ensure a clean look.
Basic Pedicure
Full Set
Pricing starts at $30 + up. Adding Shellac is $10 Adding Nail Art is $5 PER Nail + up
Starts at $22 & up Nail Repairs are $3 PER Nail
Gel Polish Add-On
Longer wear, smudge proof, 100% dry when leaving. Add to any Manicure or Pedicure!
Soak Off Acrylic
Acrylic will not be popped off, clipped off, or pried off. I will remove them safely, in a moisturizing acetone soak. Soaking off enhancements takes time, can not be rushed or permanent damage can be done to your natural nail.
Soak-Off Gel or Acrylic Dip
Method used is Foil and a moisturizing soak, usually takes around 15 mins. This process can not be rushed to ensure a safe removal. Removal can be done while doing a pedicure to save time.
Foot Mask Add-on
Upgrade your Basic Pedicure by adding a customized foot mask that beat suits your needs.
Polish Change - Hands
Polish change only. No filing, no trimming.
Polish Change - Toes
Polish change only. No trimming, No filing.
Deep Cuticle Cleaning Add-on
If your cuticles are in need of some extra love, and TLC, this add-on is for you!
Nail Repair
Basic Manicure
Couture Nail Art - Per Nail
Price is $5 per nail and up.
Extra Massage Time
Lash Lift and Tint

Our Staff