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Tarot card and energy readings via online or in person. Services are paid before session via PayPal at
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Our Services

Distance Tarot Reading
An intuitive tarot reading received via FaceTime, Skype, or Facebook messenger
Parties and Events Tarot
Holidays, birthdays, or any kind of get together. Add a little something extra to your event. $300 for up to 10 people and 40 for each additional person after. $100 deposit to secure event. And remaining money due the day of. Payment is received via PayPal
Reiki Energy Session
Reiki is Japanese for “Universal Life Force Energy”. In a session the client lies on a massage table and the practitioner holds their hand just above each Chakra zone. Allowing healing energy to flow through them. It’s non invasive and because no clothing is removed; it is suggested to wear loose or comfortable clothing.
Distance Healing
Is the act of sending healing "Ki" energy to provide relief for someone living far away. It helps break down the negative influences and removes psychic hooks. If you want to benefit from distance healing, you'll need a quiet and private space where you can stay uninterrupted for at least 30 minutes to receive the service.
House Cleansing and Blessing
Perfect for that new house or apartment! Start off on a positive vibe with a Cleansing. This helps clear the home of negative vibrations using various tools and supplies and will also perform a blessing to bring in new, fresh energy to your home. (This includes people struggling with unwanted energies as well.) Consultation is needed and to reserve an appointment; a $100 deposit is required to secure the date. The remaining amount is due before the Cleansing begins. Depending upon the complexity of the Cleansing, price may vary.
Ki Source Healing Session
An advanced level of Ki healing that goes beyond a gentle energy session. Ki Source Healing is Reiki on steroids! This level of healing removes psychic hooks, helps alleviate physical and emotional trauma, and much more. The use of sacred geometry, sound therapy, crystal therapy, chakra cleanse/balance, source energy, and more are used in this dynamic session

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