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Welcome to Lifters Clinic, where we combine the science and real world experience of weight lifting to intelligently design and craft your goals. Injury prevention and recovery/Rehab strategies are our expertise. If you are seeking the knowledge of how to maintain optimal health and wellness while improving strength and performance, then you are at the right place. Here at Lifters Clinic, we believe in individualized one on one, comprehenssive recovery and rehabilitation programming which aims at providing you with an exceptional experience that is driven by value and trust.
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Physical Therapy Evaluation and Follow Up Visit
Accessing a high quality, affordable healthcare outcomes where your lifestyle and fitness goals are priority is what will set aside your rehabilitation experience with Lifters Clinic. Here at Lifters Clinic we value you as an individual and therefore only provide one-on-one Physical Therapy services from a Licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy. Dr.Mario Novo will work closely with you to provide you a thorough understanding of your pain experience, movement generating symptoms, which will be used to uniquely help you achieve your goals in the shortest time possible. Lifters Clinic is an out of Network PT provider which allows us to provide for you on-demand evidence based healthcare without the grouped treatment, lost time and expensive cost that is seen at inferior PT corporate practices. Your 60 minute evaluation will be provided by a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in sport and non-traditional sport based injuries and rehab strategies.
Functional Dry Needling
Dry needling can be an effective stimulus to improve pain tolerance and improve neuromuscular input from muscle which helps to lower tone/tightness/stiffness of a muscle. Loading a muscle forces it to contract and short of lower loads used to rehab not much else has truly lasting effects. Hence, dry needling is a treatment approach that can begin to promote some benefit in pain reduction, which ultimately will allow you to get back to training. The key with rehab isn't to grind away for 12 weeks on a repeated exercise model; rather it is to be consistently progressing the many variables that are associated to return to activity and sport. Each Therapeutic Dry Needling session is preformed by a Certified Dry Needle Doctor of Physical Therapy. TDN session start at $50 for a one on one 30 minute treatment period.
Movement Assessment Injury Screen
Starting a new program and want a spot check on your squat or over head lifting technique from a professional of movement science, then look no further. Lifters Clinic is proud to provide a 2 hour movement assessment injury screen that is designed to take your movement performance to the next level. With a background in sports orthopedics and weightlifting, Dr.Mario Novo will provide you with the unique knowledge of your bodies strengths and limitations. Like having a road map to guide you a long your journey, a movement assessment is an investment in your health and fitness goals like no other. Book your appointment today!
Personalized Blood Flow Restriction
If you are struggling with putting on muscle and recovering from your training session, or in pain and having to limit your training sessions- leading to lost gains and goals; then PBFR is for you. Recovery and post injury have similar requirements. With muscle growth signaling being essential for both, future innovation are bridging the gap of tissue adaptation. Blood flow restriction is becoming a common rehab practice modality and training recovery strategy that is safe and highly effective at increasing the muscle building signal for improved muscle size, strength and function. Here at Lifters Clinic we believe in utilizing the highest in evidence to support all that we do to deliver an exceptional performance Physical Therapy experience and outcome. Working with a Strength Performance Physical Therapist with understands your active lifestyle, health needs and fitness goals can help prevent injuries and get you back in the game if you have been injure

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