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Professional nail care for Ladies and Gents My name is Tish with Touched By Tish Nail Services at Salons Of Castleton, networking using Square. I enjoy my job tremendously. My main focus when servicing my clients is that they are 100% safe from anyone elses issues. Simply put....SANITATION! I practice healthy nail and foot care and I deal with each and every client the same way every time, no short cuts or exceptions. I am servicing customers by appointment only. If you are in need of a good manicurist (Nailologist) that cares, gives good service and is very reliable and professional, give me a call at (317)910-8089 for an appointment.
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Initial Consultation
Schedule an initial consultation to learn more about our services and what we offer.
Implement Fee:
Files and buffers are single use implements and are not to be shared. Implements will be filed for 6 months for future visits. Or if customers want to take implements with them, they are more then welcome to do so, but if they return for additional services, they will need to purchase them again.
Groupon Shellac Manicure
Dry manicure , consisting of pushing back cuticles, cleaning dead skin off nail bed, lightly buffing, then application of the gel base coat, 2 coats of gel polish and top coat. completing a beautiful flawless manicure.
Groupon Set of Acrylic Nails and One Fill-In Session
Application of tips to natural nails, topped with acrylic (polymer-powder/monomer-liquid) for flawless nails
Groupon Fill-In for full set service
Prep nails for acrylic fill.
Men's Manicure
This service also consist of soaking hands, removing dead skin(cuticle) from nail plate, pushing back eponychium, shaping, buffing, oiling and polishing nail plate. Also includes a hand massage.
Basic Manicure
This service consist of soaking hands, removing dead skin(cuticle) from nail plate, pushing back eponychium, shaping, buffing, oiling and polishing nail plate. Also includes a hand massage.
Spa Manicure
This service is the same as the basic with the exception of the use of scrubs and masque.
No Chip Gel Manicure
Dry manicure as oppose to a manicure submerged in soak. Application of gel base coat, gel polish, gel top coat all layers cured in a UV lamp to leave nails dry and shiny upon completion of service, to give nails long lasting beauty and free of chipping for 10 to 14 days
Brisa Sculpturing Gel
This product gives your nails the acrylic affect without the acrylic. Makes nails seem harder so that they can be worn a little longer in length if client wants or it just makes them stronger if that is your only desire.
Brisa by CND
This product is applied in a 3 step process, and what it does is make weaker nails seem harder and stronger.
Soak Off for Gels
Removal of gel polish and a very basic manicure
Full Set
Nail enhancements (acrylic) with the help of tips.
Application of acrylic onto natural nail. No tips...
Nail maintenance consisting of the cleaning and filling in the cuticle area.
Gel Polish Change on Acrylics
Remove gel polish from acrylics with drill, clean up nail plate by leveling and removing all traces of dead skin, shape and clean up cuticles. Finishing with the gel polish process.
Soak Off for Acrylics
Soaking acrylic off natural nail.
Mini Pedicure
Services includes same as Basic with the exception of callous removal
Basic Pedicure
Removing dead skin (cuticle) from nail plate, shaping of the nail, buffing, oiling cuticles and safely removing callous from the lower surface of the foot, and a very basic massage.
Spa Pedicure
Services are the same as the Basic with the exception of the use of scrub, hot towels and mask.
Ultimate Pedicure
Services are the same as The Spa, with the exception of slothing lotion (removes dead skin from your legs) and a paraffin dip treatment.
No Chip Gel Pedicure
Same process as the No Chip Gel Manicure with the exception of soaking feet in spa bath and the removal of callous upon completion of gel process.
Polish Change and Callous Treatment
Basic polish change consisting of removal of cuticle from nail plate, shaping, buffing, oiling, and polishing of the nails. Callous treatment consisting of removal of callous using a special footfile and a liquid callous remover.
Callous Removal
Removal of callous from bottoms of foot. This service may be recommended if callous is excessive.
Removal Of Gel From Feet
Soaking cotton swabs in Expert Touch product remover and wrapping with aluminum foil to each individual toe.
Polish Change (hands/feet)
Service includes polish removal, shaping of the nails, buffing, application of cuticle oil before polishing.
Paraffin Dip (hands/feet)
For Chronic Arthritis Joint Pain, Relaxed Muscles, and Increased Circulation . Paraffin hand and foot treatments are used to lock in moisture. The wax is warm and soothing and your hands and feet will be left feeling soft and supple.
Sculptured Nail Repair
Repairing with a sculptured tip. Cost $5 and up, depending on damage.
Nail Repair
If the nail is broken or cracked it is repaired using acrylic. If it's a natural nail silk is usually used. If the acrylic has to be soaked off, additional time is necessary.
Nail Designs
Applying art to the nails.
Nail Art on big toes (each)
Nail art, freehand
Gel Polish Add On
Gel polish is applied to acrylic nails.

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