Megan Monique, Mystic

A Virgo born on a Full Moon in September 1986 • Married to a handsome bearded carpenter going on seven years • we have a six-year-old male wildling named Sawyer • I am the co-owner of Your Spirit Sparkle in Ennis, Texas • I enjoy cultivating authentic relationships.
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Our Services

60 Minute Session
Does your heart have questions you need someone to help you see the answers to? Megan has been hosting these sessions for more than 5 years. Your time together is sacred, valued, important. There’s something your soul is asking for, let’s find out what. *this includes pulling 9 or more oracle cards over an hours time as well as meditation, smudging, or anything else your session requires.
Home Blessing
Megan assists in clearing heavy or negative energy from homes and other spaces. If you need to shift the feel inside of your home so you can more comfortably live and feel at ease, or remove the experience of trauma from a space, this is what you need. *during the home blessing Megan also provides an oracle reading for you and brings crystals with her for you to leave in your home to help hold intention.
Home Organizing
Do you have space or spaces in your home that need some clutter clearing and organizing or even decorating, but you like the time and enthusiasm? Megan has a knack for arranging loveable, useful spaces that fuel inspiration. *this includes a free consultation where Megan comes to your home (in the DFW area) where we talk about possibilities and make a plan)
30 Minute Session
These sessions can be done over the phone, or through video chat. If our schedules do not align I can absolutely record something for you and send it over after it is complete. I still prefer you go through the booking process to receive your reading.
Audio Oracle Reading
These Oracle readings maybe you short and sweet but they do not lack in substance. If you're needing a quick pick me up or a redirection these are the perfect way to tune in to exactly what you need in the moment. After you purchase I will record the audio on my phone and send it over via email.

Our Staff

Megan Lewis