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Welcome to the most wonderful flute shop you'll ever visit! We offer repairs and sales on flutes and piccolos for all skill levels and ages. We also repair sax and clarinets! We've been around for more than 40 years and we are famous for giving you a truly unique and personalized experience. When you come to us, you get the best care from people who are experts at their craft and really know flutes and piccolos. We love music and helping musicians create it! Of course, we also have a very large selection of student, intermediate, pre-professional and professional flutes and piccolos. This includes gold and platinum flutes too!
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Try a Flute or Piccolo!
When booking your appointment, please include what you want to look at and your price range. Whether you want to try or buy, book an appointment for our Queens location! There are so many flute shops and so many different companies available that choosing a flute or piccolo can be a very confusing and an overwhelming process. All the forums and varying degrees of expert advice on the Internet just adds to the confusion. At some point, you first have to choose a trustworthy and knowledgeable person to help you. That's where we come in! For some people, it's important to try and live with your future flute or piccolo for a few days. That's exactly why we give you one week to try your future instrument. If you need a few more days, no problem. Just let us know.
Free Repair/Service (COA) Evaluation - Flute and Piccolo
We will take a look to see what kind of work your instrument needs at no charge!
Repair/Service (COA) Drop Off (Includes Free Appraisal)
Drop off your flute, piccolo, sax or clarinet for repair evaluation. Our Queens technician will contact you with an quote and let you know how long the work will take.
Repairs/Service While You Wait - Flute and Piccolo
Hourly repair visits start at $105/hour with a minimum bench fee of $35 (if you need something very quick). Your technician will evaluate what you need, how much it costs and will tell you how long it will take. If we need more time and you have to leave your instrument, our tech will let you know and have you come back. We can also ship your flute to you! We will even give you a loaner if one is available.
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