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Detail Car Wash (Inside and Out)
Each detail wash includes a tried & true complete waterless car wash & wax shine using our Ready To Use Car Wash & Wax(designed to produce a scratch free+swirl free shine while saving water!). For interior wash/detailing, we use our All Purpose Car Cleaner and then leave your panels and doors looking great by dressing them with our silk shine solution. Wash Includes: Tire shine & rim cleaning A washing of windows and mirrors inside and out Vacuuming Deodorizing Dashboard cleaning & protection/dressing Leather cleaning & care if applicable(using Lexol) Door jamb cleaning ‚ÄčTrunk cleaning Basic engine bay degreasing Pet hair removal
Interior Only detailing
Vacuuming of vehicle rugs,seats and trunk. Shampoo and wipe down of seats. Cleaning of dashboard, door panels, and shine protect dressing of all surfaces. Interior of windshields and windows cleaned and wiped down.Basic vehicle deodorizing.
Clay Bar and Polish Package
Includes exterior wash, clay bar and Polish shine. We begin this process with a wash to remove dirt seen with the naked eye. Auto detailing clay removes from the paint what washing cannot. Auto detailing clay bars are an engineered resin compound used to remove contaminants from the surface of your car's paint, glass, fiberglass and metal. Wash Includes: Tire shine & rim cleaning A washing of windows and mirrors Door jamb cleaning Basic engine bay degreasing We complete the job with a polishing buff of the vehicle using our dual action speed polisher.
Premium ceramic sealant wax package
Sealant On, Winter Off: Yes our wash solution will leave your vehicle with a nice wax finish, but...Winter weather dulls your car paint & shine, making it susceptible to rust and oxidation. To keep your vehicle clean and protected all winter long make sure to book us for a thorough ceramic sealant wax detailing before the cold weather hits. Protection against the harshest of elements. Durability, lasts up to 12 months! Our synthetic wax formula lasts longer for best protection and brilliant shine. Helps repel against harsh UV solar rays, pollution, water spots, bug and bird residues, & road grime! Not only enhances glossy paint finishes, but will improve appearance on your vehicle's glass, clear optical plastics, polished metals, carbon fiber, and more!
Interior detail add on (For Clay & Premium Packages)
This is an interior detail add on for clients who already are ordering our Clay Bar or Premium Ceramic Sealant Wax Package. This interior detailing includes full vacuum of interior, shampoo and wipe down of seats and door panels, rug vacuum and wipe down,dressing of door panels and dashboard for a clean glossy look, basic deodorizing.

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